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Hi, my name is Hailey and I am moving to Bucharest next Saturday to work for IOANID preschool as a classroom assistant. I am looking for a cheap studio to rent in the city centre, preferably under 400 as I will only be earning 800 euros. I am also wondering if anyone can give me an idea how much I should allocate for food etc each week and how much I will be for bills whilst out in Bucharest?
Thanks for all your help!

Hi Hailey,

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There are some accommodation offers here : Flats for rent in Romania section, you may find what you are looking for. If not, do not hesitate to create an ad in this section, it may give you a little boost in your search.

I also recommend you to read this thread as well, it might help you to get an idea about the cost of living there:

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Hey, i m looking for a roommate. Are u interested?
The flat is centrally located on Calea Victoriei (near Novotel) Bucharest, Romania. The flat has two rooms, wireless internet, washing machine, kitchen stove and is partly furnished.

Hello, Hailey. I was waiting for your call. Cintia Weston 0744643169

@ elyh > I suggest you to post your offer in the Shared accommodation in Bucharest section as well, it might help you. ;)



Hi. I have studios for rent in a new building, fully furnished and equiped. Location is near Grozavesti Metro Station in the hart of Bucharest and near the biggest student campus in Romania called Regie. The price is 350/month or less if you pay 6 or 12 months in advance. You can contact me at vladsogodel[at]

400 a month should take you very far in Bucharest.
If you're going to work in Ioanid Stejarii.....than you're far away from everything.
Stefan cel Mare would be the area I would recommend, as Piata Victoriei would be on the expensive side.

400 euro is more than enough for a studio in bucharest... you can find a good one in the range of 200 to 300 Euro/m.
For food u can eat good in 300 Euro a month.



Hi, have you found anything?

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Hello, I am Mehwish and I am looking for a room to rent at no more than 150 euro. Please contact me if you have a studio for rent. Thanks!

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Hi, I have a friend looking for a studio apartment. Preferably near Piata Romana or the old town. Does anyone have any available?
Thank you.

Nowaday with 400€ you can find 3 rooms or even 4 rooms apartment, don't be blind! Search with

Studio rent staring from 1th of April 2015,250 euros/month,Plazza Romania Mall.

hello, a flat in piata Iancului would do? Cheap rent and bills.

I am a private person,I have only that studio what I posted about,I dunno prices in Pta Iancului but an appartment is more expensive with menteinance and bills,what called" intretinere".

I am not sure I understand you. You want to move to another studio? What is your budget?

No,I have a sudio for rent,I am not looking for accommodation,I am from Bucharest,I have a house already.

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I know it's late, but perhaps you are interested. Two friends of mine (girls) are living in a tree-rooms apartment and they are looking for a third girl to rent one of those rooms. the equal share is 107 euros. interested?

Is a  missunderstanding,I am not looking for a room,I had a studio for rent.Thanks,anyway .

Soledad719 :

No,I have a sudio for rent,I am not looking for accommodation,I am from Bucharest,I have a house already.


@Soledad719 > then you should post it in the housing in Bucharest section. Thank you.

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