Best Website for Panama Real Estate?

Can anyone tell me what websites they used to search for properties in Panama City?  I'm having a difficult time getting an accurate picture of prices because I have to keep going to individual brokers....


We have used Encuentra (have to have it translated to English).  Also, I don't know if you know that different realtors have different listings (unlike here in the States where they have access to all of the houses for sale).  Some listings will cross over, but some realtors have sole access to certain listings.  Good luck in your searches!

Not sure about Panama City but is an excellent resource for information and by-owner properties in Chriqui (David and Boquete areas).

I recommend the following site:

It's all in Spanish though so you may need to use google translator something if you don't understand the listings. In the search field at the top, just type in the area you're looking for, like San Francisco, Marbella, El Cangrejo, etc.  Good luck.

Mike at Inside Panama Real Estate ( knows EVERYTHING about Panama, and Panama real estate. His knowledge is invaluable.

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the only answer you get from all these useless websites with over priced items is:

Hello I have a catalog of different properties in Panama if you send me in private your contact I can show you the ones according to your budget and place.
Without any kind of compromise if you like one I can send you more details.

I use this website for international locations

You can get an idea of properties from sites such as but when you've got questions I'd talk to Kent Davis at  Kent is a nice guy, but remember:  he's trying to sell you property!

A good source is

in this site you will find only foreclosed properties being sold by courtrooms all over Panama.

If you are looking for rent in panama downtown, the best is

Avenida Balboa, Best area to live in my opinion