All members here know that site not dating site so please admins not insist to told members that on message after disable accounts without any rights to make that , admins closed 2 accounts to me before and the unlogic reason was it not date site .
I think you must have a prove to disable members accounts.
Must at least send alert message to members before close the account , if you really respect your members ,
Thanks , Adam

Admins can make discuss here with members or at least send right mail address not fault one as you usually send to me.

without any rights to make that

I own this website, and we play MY rules here.

If any women reports you after receiving unsolicited private messages, you'll automatically get banned. That's it. Take it, or leave it.

Ah thanks for answer , ok site owner , but you owner and we members on your site so  you think that i can not make repots to many women or men here at that site without any prove!!!!
how you be sure that people who make repot have right to do that ?
To can judge if member send unsolicited messages to members or not , must receive many repots about that member not only one repot . any way you tink if all sites at net make same as you will contain members on it , we play your rules , right , but must your rules be fair , sir

mate, there is no debate, everything has already been explained and discussed here https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=32460