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hi guys,

i am looking for guitar classes in jubail, i am intermidiate guitar player and can play many songs as well i am looking for some advance guitar classes for acoustics. plz suggest any group or tutor so that i can joined.

Hi gorish_123,

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I hope you will receive some suggestions soon. In the meantime, you may put an advert in the Jubail classifieds > music classes.

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I think there is no one who plays guitar here =(

Hi gorish_123, lemme know if you find something. I'm interested as well :)

hii phunkush, do u have guitar ??? I am intermediate player and can play many songs.. i already have my guitar if u r interested we can play few tracks together to start up with ... what say ???

well im a complete beginner...

hi i want to learn guitar can u please suggest me anyone here in jubail

Hi aftabm78623,

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Note that this thread is quite old (2012). I would suggest you to drop your advert under the Music classes in Jubail section of the website.

Good luck


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