Women meeting

Hi there.
I will like to organize some meeting and activities for women, but first I need to know if there is anyone interested in.
We can meet in some place to know each other, for the beginning.
So let me know if anyone is up to it. ( women only)

Good idea alexandra!:top:


That is a great idea :) Unfortunately, Jubail is too far away for me, but should you find yourself in Riyadh, drop me a line :)

yes i would be, i do travel a lot but will definately come along if i am home,
Maybe a coffee first to see what everyone is interested in doing.

well i will be leaving after one week for one week but when I'll come back inshallah we will arange to meet. even if we will be just 2 :D
but for a coffee in jubail ... i think the only option is in the fanateer mall in that coffee shop for cinamon rolls:D
i used to go with some of my friends to shira. sunday and wednesday is open just for women so you don't have to wear the abaya inside and you can also go for a swim. it is in naheel beach. so may be we will meet there.
where is it better?
in the shyra is nice because it's much bigger and we can stay relax, but for the mothers with kids i think it will be hard to keep the kids from water bc i think the water is too cold for them now, but we could stay inside and let them play with the toys. anyway, you are not allow to bring any food or drink from home bc there are some stuffs like snacks inside. and you are not allowed to enter with mobile with camera. you can leave it in the lockers.
any other idea? ;)

I have heard that there is a nice coffee shop also in the intercontinental, I wont be back until the 14th November and then only for a week, then will be off till after christmas, so maybe if we can set a date for the week of 15th November? i cant do sundays. I have been in the cinnamon bun place but its very small, so if we did get a crowd it may be a problem, maybe we should see the response and then decide the venue?
Where are you from and give me some of your background.
I am british, 52 years old have lived overseas for 27 years in many different countries. I have a 21 year old son studying in the uk.
Husband works for Chevron Phillips and I live in the Murjan village compound.

yes, i was thinking too about intercontinental but i don't know about the prices there and i want something affordable for everyone who wants to come. also the beach there is very nice...
i'm from romania,living in saudi for 3 years and half now.i'm muslim...

ok good point i have never been there so no idea on prices, lets see response then decide where would be a suitable venue for all to feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to make friends and make thier experience in saudi a positive one

Ok girls. What about we meet on 16th November 2011?
I put the date so all of us have enough time to plan for it.
What time it will be better for you? After 4?

I was thinking in the morning when the children are at school or it will be too hectic and noisy? How do the others feel?

well i like in the morning too but how do we get there?

driver or taxi

is there any one else who will come to the meeting?

I'm polish-canadian and I am coming to Jubail at the end of November, I will join you with pleasure, let's be in contact,
my e-mail address.

well if is just "Bernex" for the meeting on 16 November, then i'll send u my details and the two of us can meet anytime.
"grazyna" let us know when you are here and it will be our pleasure to have you with us.
any new girl that wants to join us just let us now.

something else that i keep forgetting to post:
I saw there are some Saudis around too. Well if your wife knows English, they can joins us too. I know the social life in Jubail is bad even for Saudis so they're so welcome.

Unfortunately my wife  is not well in English

well I do meet with Saudi women that don't know at all English. So if she knows even just a little bit it's ok. which are of jubail do you live in?

Yes we live in jubail I will tell her  about you if she like to meet  I will tell you

Hi everyone.
I'm back in Jubail. So what about the meeting? Still just two persons?
What you think if we make a meeting in Khobar for women expat? So the women from Jubail, Dammam and Khobar can meet all. The boys too if they want to.

alexandra17sa wrote:

Hi everyone.
I'm back in Jubail. So what about the meeting? Still just two persons?
What you think if we make a meeting in Khobar for women expat? So the women from Jubail, Dammam and Khobar can meet all. The boys too if they want to.

if it's in khobar then i'm in always good to meet people and drink coffee and eat CAKE might be able to drag some others along too lol

IF its anywhere in Khobar and on the weekend, You can count me in.. it would be nice to meet other women expats and share perspectives :))

ok greet.then let's make it in a Thursday evening.
who knows good coffee shops? but has to have good cakes couse i love them:D
which weekend will be good for you?

There's a lot of cafe here which are nice and mostly indoors.. i like outdoors.. cafe liwan in dahran mall has an outdoor section or Jeoffreys and Dr. Cafe in the corniche? any cafe is okay its the good company that counts.. and this weekend seems okay.. give me a heads up with whatever you will decide.. anyone got BB my BBM pin is 279ED187.. see ya around :)

Ok then. Let's meet this weekend. I think outside it's a litlle chilly in the evening,no? I don't know the coffee shops you are saying. I remeber next to the big Jarir bookstore are some coffee shops on the corniche ( i remeber the name segafreo but there are more). What about 7:30? It's that fine? Your husband can come too. And btw I will love to speak spanish:P.

mind if i come too please could do with some company as my wife will be working so not available on skype till she has done

sure.it's ok! i will write about it also on the khobar and dammam forum so may be we will gather more.
we will be there as soon as we can after the prayer will finish. and to can easily know which one we are I will print a paper with "expat" on it and I will put it on the table or partition
is it ok?
anyone else who will be there?
Segafreo coffee on the Khobar corniche. It's near by a big Jarir Bookstore. At 19:30 in Thursday, 17th of November 2011.

about the meeting on jubail, we will post phone it until more persons are willing to come. for now we are only two. Bernex I already sent you my details. u can contect me any time.
anyway see you Thursday!

I just found a very nice coffe shop in the corniche.. Mondo Cafe.. way better than segafredo's.. its at the back of the red tag store beside zara and mothercare.. I have something going on on thursday night but i would love to drop by for a while and say hi to everyone.. so how do i contact you guys?

ok. We will meet at the Mondo Cafe, same time. I'll send you on private my phone number.

Ok girls, if you are still here, what about we meet for a billiard match? Or squash? I've got almost no idea how to play them but as long as we will have fun...

First of all i'd like to say welcome to Jubail Alexandra and i hope u can meet a new people and make a new frinds and love the place here in jubail..

i red what you wrote and i liked your Idea..
So if your searching for a good Cafe Shop in Al Khobar, there is one called " Jibney's " , it's specialized in Arabic Ice Cream and Arabian Cheese desserts.
and it's got a section for womens
Its for my Uncle,So if u like, i can arrange the place for all of you there and its the place where you can feel comfortable :)

and about Jubail, there is the Intercontinental hotel like what the other guys said..

Sam X

Thank you for your information and help. The only problem with this is that no women seem to be interested :( .

[off topic]

Hu Saeed sorry to tell u that this is about women gathering :)

so u may find lots of friends if u post ur request in a new topic

thank you ...

By the way Alex im in but would like to meet at the Shera'a coz i have naught kids lool :)

Well yeah...but isn't harder there? I know I would have to keep fighting with my daughter to don't enter in the water.
when it will be ok for you?


I'd love you ladies to join my facebook group if you have an account there:


thanks all :)

hello there.
just wanted to let you know that we formed a small group of womens that speak English in Jubail. is not big, but is fun when we all get together.
if anyone want to join us, let me know on private and we will see you soon inshallah.