Ukrainian looking for ukrainian/russian expats in Muscat


Hi Julia, I suggest you to take a look at the Muscat expat network, it may help you.

For the accommodation, have you tried to post an advert in the section Housing in Muscat?;)


hello julia


Welcome to + Oman :)

Hope as soon as possible you get what you are looking for wishing you best time in here with great friends...

All the best

many thanks, I hope too)

i am not ukrainian or russian (((

my mum is half russian. that qualifies?

Russia is our neighbouring country....lolzzzzz...

welcome dear

hi, i am very glad to meet some Ukrainian or Russian person here,
i am a new person here, looking for another expats for enjoying time!

In general every expat has his /her own community which has certain activities , concerts , coffee /tea meetings /gatherings  Friday morning
or Thurs evening etc. What about announcing such activities a while ahead after ,of course arranging that with the community's people in charge and hence deciding on the no. of people  which would be acquired in this or that community  facility ,so the first ,10 say who register can join automatically in this location and the first 4 in that location etc; I believe this is a more practical procedure to give ourselves a better opportunity for acquaintance and exposure at almost no expenses

hello dear,
i am Omani man and i speak little Russian
can i help you?

It is an very old topic don't wait for reply  :)

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