Looking for school in Ronda .... please help!

We have just move to Ronda from the UK, and we are trying to sort out one of the biggest issues: school for our three children (aged 4 6 and 8). Any advice, opinions, recomendadtions? We are going to visit the Ayuntamiento next week, but just wanted to get some local opinion first. Thanks for any help.

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Wish you Good Luck in your research.;)


Hi there,
was just wandering if you had any luck finding  good schools for your kids.We are thinking of moving to Ronda this coming summer and would idealy sign the kids up to a private spanish school.Any suggestions would be very appreciated.How are you finding life in Ronda? We moved to the Uk but hasn't done our lifestyle much favours with most of our time spent sitting indoors so am again looking for an active lifestyle in the warmth.Thanks for any help you offer

Hi!  It was a surprise to see this response after absolute no activity for around 3 years!! Yes, our children are all settled in a small local school. There's quite a lot I could tell you, but first of all what's you're knowledge of the Spanish educational system and how is your (and your children's) Spanish? Also, how old are the children?
As for lifestyle, it's definitely more outdoor, and there are so many activities available locally and in the wider area. I still feel nostalgic for the UK at times, but I'm not in a hurry to move back.
Get in touch and I'll help as much as I can.


I have just registered with this site and was interested to see the post regarding schools in Ronda.  I am moving to Ronda in September of this year and have been recommended the Juan Carillo School. If anyone has any reviews on this school it would be much appreciated.  My son is 8 and speaks no Spanish at the moment so any help on schools would be great.



Juan Carillo has a good reputation, it is the only 'bilingual' primary school in Ronda (which means some subjects are taught in English) so it could be a good choice for your son. There are a couple of English speaking families who's children go there, too. As far as I know there is a waiting list, so it's probably a good idea to apply for a place soon. The 'official' application period finished at the end of March, but if you apply now I think there's an advantage to waiting until September when you arrive. I'd be happy to help with any other questions you have about moving to Ronda, I understand the challenges which you might meet!

Good luck with the move.

Thanks so much for the advice.  My hubby has an appointment at the school tomorrow as he is already living in Ronda, he is the new owner of Cafè Chocolat not sure if you know it.  It's good to know a few English families already attend the school and apparently there are a few English teachers.  Don't suppose you know the area called Arenal in ronda as I have seen a few properties to rent on a website but as I'm not familiar with the area it's difficult to decide if it's a nice area.

Thanks in advance

You're welcome! And yes, I do know Cafe Chocolat …. someone told me it had changed hands.  Good luck with your new business! It's a nice place; when I'm in next I'll introduce myself (not that often unfortunately).
I hope the meeting goes well tomorrow. The headmaster is really nice, and although he couldn't offer places to our children, he helped us find places in a really nice little school. Hopefully he'll be able to offer your son a place, though.
Arenal is quite nice, it's an urbanisation to the south of Ronda, the other side of the Barrio San Francisco from the old town. It's not that close to Juan Carillo, though, which is almost opposite the train station. However, the local school there in the Barrio, Fernando de los Rios, has a good reputation also.
If you make a visit here before you move, let me know and perhaps we can meet for a coffee. We didn't know anyone when we moved, and having some contacts might have saved me some confusion!

Good luck with all the plans, it's an exciting time. And Ronda is a beautiful place to live.

That will be really helpful, thank you.  Yes please do introduce yourself next time your around town my hubby's name is Paul he will be pleased to meet you.  Thanks for your helpful advice and hope to meet up when I finally make the move.  Scary but exciting!


Hi Kelly, my older daughter just told me she was translating for your husband today ..... apparently your son will be in the same class of my youngest! Remember, if you have any questions before/after you arrive, let me know. I'll try and pop into Chocolat soon to introduce myself.


Oh how strange!  My husband said there was a girl translating for him, so please thank your daughter.  We tried to secure him a place at Juan Carillo but at present they are full and Padre Jesus was suggested by the Head.  My hubby said it looks a good school so I feel a lot happier that there are fellow English speaking students.    Do they have to wear a uniform?  Yes please do introduce yourself when you are free that would be great.


Hi. It's a very small school, and the staff are fantastic. They really care for the kids, and are used to having non-Spanish kids (currently Moroccan, Cuban, Dutch and British at least) in class. They'll be very welcoming and encourage your son to integrate. As far as I know, my two and your son will be the only mother-tongue English speakers, but that's good to start him off, but also to make sure he learns Spanish quickly. There's no uniform at the majority of state schools, including Nuestro Padre Jesus. I'll try and pop into Chocolat tomorrow.

Thanks for the info!

Chocolat is closed at the moment we are undergoing a refurbishment which will probably take 2 weeks.  I am back in the UK now but your very welcome to introduce yourself to Paul


I don't know if you will receive this as its an old thread. We met your husband when he opened the cafe and your son was in the UK getting ready for the transition! How is he getting on? We are making the move permanently soon and are concerned after our sons difficulty in integrating with the local kids in Gaucín.


We are a couple with a three year old, considering moving to Ronda. We're in town at the moment and we'd like to ask about your experience with schools and life as an expat family living in Ronda. How large is the expat community here?

Any information will be very welcome!! Thanks!

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