Teaching English and Volunteering

Hi all,

I will be completing my TESOL soon and have a Master of International Business and am also a Graphic Designer. I am considering coming to Argentina to teach English and also want do some social work on the side, such as doing creative classes or working on creative projects for non-profits.

I was hoping you can help me figure out which it would be best for this kind of thing? And if anyone knew any organisations that I could help with?

Does any other expat teaching English also do any volunteering on the side that can help me?

Your help would be much appreciated,



Hi Orasio,

How is your Spanish, the reason I ask is that thare good jobs to be had in sales and marketing, web site design and that malarkey. But these companies although do business in English, internally theyo not so to get a great job the Spanish must bat an upper intermediate level IMO. Loads of teaching jobs. Volunteer work I have found hard to come by, only because of lack of knowledge of the workings here, seek and ye shall find I believe is true.
Anyways, hope you enjoy if you come and goouck with the final days of the TEOSL.


Hi Craggles,

Thank you so much for the reply, it is great getting advice.
My Spanish is not that great, although I am learning and committed to because I plan on staying in South America for a long time. I do have exdperience in Web development and graphic design though so that is great to know. I will PM you and maybe you can answer a few more questions for me? That would be awesome!


Y'all got mail. (USA TEFL)
I have sent you some further information sir. (TEFL)