Jobs in Tunis for English Speaker?


I moved to Tunis around 2 months ago with my Tunisian wife, I did the convert to Islam and are now in the process of getting our marraige legal here. But run into a brick wall with the work situation here, I came to Tunisia to start a cafe but seems I wont be able to do that for a while now so I am looking for work. I know about the English call centres here but I cant find them anywere! I called alot of companys but they dont speak English or do English call centre work. Can anyone help me out? I know the money is bad for these jobs but its only a temp job anyhow so I can deal with it. Any help would be great.

Thank you.

It's very hard to find a job in Tunisia when you are foreign. I moved here last year thinking I could find a job and I got several interviews, when it was the moment to get a contract, all employers backed up...until one explained me the law of Tunisia to hire foreign labor: … Ct1200.htm
Since you're British, you can get more chances to be able to teach EFL at the British Council. Just get a TEFL certificate... the problem with the call centers, is to find one that is willing to pay you under the table (without the social benefits). You can find a job if your education is good and there aren't qualified Tunisians applying for the same position. I know how hard it is to find a job in here, so I wish you good luck! I am working on applications to leave Tunisia since here the job situation for us (expatriates)is harder than I thought.

As you're married to a Tunisian woman, cannot you ask for Tunisian would be then really easier for you to get a job

i think it's difficult to find a job at this moment!!!!it's even difficult for us as tunisians!!!!!!me too i'm a teacher of English speciality international relations!i 'm looking for a work too!!!!i ask u something why u don't do a small project as a  restaurant or something else in tourist to your tunisian wife and ask here to help you for example to get the tunisian nationality maybe it's easy for you to integrate in tunisian society.

I need a private arabic or french tutor.

hello, i'm an english to arabic translator and i would like to teach you arabic and french,if you're intrested you can e-mail me, thank you

amal souid > could you please post in the classifieds - language classes ?



i can help you, i speak English Arabic and French fluently.

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i m a girl aged 24  and i look for a job , i m ingeneer in computer please i m waiting wich passion ur answer

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Hi, just noticed your post. Are you still interested in teaching Arabic at first and then French. I am back and forth to Tunisia all the time and have an apartment in Nabeul. I would be delighted to hear from you.
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it's no so difficult as it is discribed above!! you're married with tunisian women so things would be easier for you than the others..if you're good you will find a job if you aren't you won't.. english language is requested in tunisia  as we have'nt got so much of those who speak it fluently..but i think for more chance , frensh language can be also a very big advantage beside  english one for sure ..just make an announce in the most popular newspaper and you will see...( excuse my bad english)

amal souid/ are you a professional translator or simply an amateur one  and i would like to know also if you don't mind whether you are an interpreter or a translator?

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I read ur prob. As i was surfing the net i found this job opportunity. It requires a naitive British or Americain. Hope u check it.

well that depends on where do you live in Tunisia because English call centres are not available everywhere.

Try this


Salamu Alaikum,

My husband has U.S. web solution company he always needs content writers. Please send your phone number to ***

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Hiii , iam brazilian and iam looking for a job in  tunisia , iam married with a tunisian and I moved to tunisia 10 months ago...

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man you are not the only one struggling all the country is down

Yes,  I can see things are not easy here.  Have faith in God he will help us inchallah. There are ways just have to keep trying 😉

Hello! Our company is looking for representative in Tunisia. Nationality doesn`t matter, just your english skills. PLease contact me by messages. Thanks for attention!

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@ Ksenia Shvedova, can you please drop an advert in the proper section of the website ?

- Jobs in Tunisia

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thats amazing

Hello, I  am British and needing to find work in Tunisia.   
Could you help me, I have administration experience, customer service skills. 
Regards Marie

Where are the call centres please?

Hello ,

Please if you can help , contact my partner who is Tunisian and  looking for work permanant , he speaks writes and reads Arabic/English and French fluently.
Regards Marie
Contact : Mr Ala Mhiri ***

thankyou for reading

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Hello Marie, thank you!
I`ll contact him

Thankyou Ksenia that is very kind and helpful of you.

Where in Tunisia are you looking for representatives ?


hello ksenia ,
I'm interested by your offer, can i please have more informations please?

Hello, does your husband's company still operate in Tunisia ? if so is he still taking on staff please ?
Regards Marie

Hi, where are most of the call centers based please , is it Tunis ? any in Sousse  do you know ?

Hi marie,
Most of the call centers are based in tunis than sousse .
You can find some english call centers in sousse such as CLICVAN.

Thanks Amelia , you are most helpful, did you work at Clicvan or another ? are you in Tunisia now ?

Yeah, i'm in Tunisia. i don't work for Clicvan but they call me recently for an interview.

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