Job hunting and job applications

Hi everybody,
coming from the California I have been job hunting for a while. Unfortunately without much success, even though my qualifications are good.
But then a friend suggested getting my CV checked by a Swiss professional - and I found on the net. Well, after several job interviews, I now finally have a job I like. 
And with the new job I get to enjoy living in Switzerland... love the mountains
Good luck job hunting

Please in Switzerland you have not to paid to find the right documents.

Every town have an office wich is to your disposition for information about school and work. the name is "Professionnal orientation". you can find every informations in the langage of the town, and if you need help you can take a date (if you need to speak in a foreign langage tell it them).


here a link for the basis informations:

here informations how to prepare your document for a job in french:

here informations how to prepare your documents for a job in Italian:

here informations how to prepare your documents for a job in German: … ge=de%2cit

And if you need to make a Curriculum Vitae in any langage: … ulum-vitae

and a link to find a job in switzerland through Internet (french): … /acces.htm

and here you find precious informations for switzerland:


Thanks for the various info, which I have also used while job hunting.

As for
a) the Europass - it is not Swiss standard
b) the professional orientation - it is not free of charge a first consultation is 80.- and if you wish to continue consulting the hourly rate of the professionals is about 170.-/per hour (it depends on the type of service).

Nevertheless, I am sure the links can come in handy for lots of people.

all the best

Thank you zurich kontakt, If you paid for a service, it was not by the official service.

I was by the BIZ 2 times in my life and I never paid. It's a governement organisation and free for everybody. Still now, most of the person which search a way to work go there ... free of charge.

here teh link of every adress in Switzerland (see which canton):

here an online translation about what is written by ""

Information about the occupations and the trainings(formations), available on the Internet or in centers of information in free access.
     Councils(Advises) and support personalized by psychologists councillors(advisers) or councillors(advisers) in orientation: conversations(maintenances) of orientation.
     Raising awareness(Sensitization) and discovery of the professional world by the help(assistant) to the organization of training courses, visits of companies, animations and demonstrations(appearances): training courses and begun(undertaken).

These services(performances) are free and opened to every young or grown-up person. They are proposed in services(offices) and advice centers distributed on all the territory in Switzerland.

Since you like quotes (pages only available in German)

Here the pricing list for www.berufsberatung.zh.ch … gespraech/
Wir unterstützen Sie bei sämtlichen Fragen zu Beruf, Aus- und Weiterbildung und zeigen Ihnen Möglichkeiten auf, wie Sie einen Schritt weiterkommen können.

Das einstündige Gespräch dient Ihnen als Grundlage zur Planung Ihrer nächsten Schritte.
Kosten: Fr. 80. … hnplanung/
Wir unterstützen Sie bei sämtlichen Fragen zu Beruf, Aus- und Weiterbildung. Sie selbst bestimmen die Anzahl Gespräche und besprechen die konkrete Vorgehensweise mit dem Berater oder der Beraterin.

Kosten: Im Anschluss an ein Orientierungsgespräch von Fr. 80. jede weitere Stunde Fr. 170., Tests nach Aufwand … bklaerung/
Wir unterstützen Sie in der Planung Ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn und erarbeiten mit Ihnen eine umfassende Standortbestimmung.

Umfang: 3 Sitzungen und ausführliche Testabklärung
Kosten: ab Fr. 1300.
Alle hier aufgeführten Angebote richten sich an erwachsene Personen ab 20 Jahren. Für Personen bis 20 Jahre sind unsere Beratungen kostenlos.

Which basically means if you are over 20 you pay.
Unsere Beratungsangebote sind für Personen ab 20 Jahren kostenpflichtig.

By the way, none of these services are directly focused on reviewing a CV.
Anyhow, my point was the cvplus service helped me.

I control every link and I confirm:

Zürich / Zoug / Lucern: they ask money

canton Bern: you paid from the 3. appointment (if in the same year)

ALL other canton are free of charge.