I am a 21 y.o Filipina and planning to go in Switzerland next July. I just wanna know if there's any possibility for me to find a job even if I am not fluent in German language? If so, can anyone tell me?


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Maybe you could tell more about your past professional experiences.
That could help!


hello! Ive been a call center agent before and also been working in the government office for almost 2 yeas. I also did OJT in a hotel here. I am an BS Hotel and restaurant management studet, undergraduate. Any kind of jobe will do.. I al also open for babysitting especially to those who wre looking for english speakers.. I hope i can find one..


Thanks for these infos.

Maybe you could post an advert in the jobs section of Zurich classifieds.
It might be helpful ;)

Good luck

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And thank you so much for that big help :)

Hi "smoke1",

Chances for jobs are the best in international firms. There are quite some with their main office in Switzerland. You'll mainly find them in the bigger cities like Zurich, Basel and Geneva.
For local firms, it is very helpful if you speak at least the language of the area where you're going to work (German in the middle, east and northern part, French in the western part, Italian in some of the southern parts). Keep in mind that an employer must prove that he cannot find someone for the job within Switzerland and the EU before he is allowed to hire someone from outside Switzerland and EU. So search for a job where you can offer something extra that others cannot. Like language or cultural knowledge/expertise.

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Hello Twan!

Thank you so much for that! and that is really very helpful! I will bare that in mind.. Hoprfully I'll be able to find job.. will learn more bout thei language then..

God Bless

What kind of job can u do?

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What kind of job can u do?

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