Job Offer-Zurich Area

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and would like some advice if possible.

Currently I am being headhunted by competitor to move from Benelux to Switzerland to work in a vey high tech end of the medical field. In this sector it is very difficult to find experienced engineers and takes a number of years to get up to speed, hence i guess why my ex-boss is now tracking me for this company.

My question is aside from the basic salary which i hope to find out about soon what kind of benefits should I be looking for such as housing allowance, car, medical, schooling, relocation etc.

If anyone has any experience in moving to Switzerland and would have an idea of what i should negotiate for your input would be greatly appreciated.

Also my salary now is 80K Euro, what should I look for in Switzerland due to extreme cost of living?


check this website, its a salary calculator: … arium.html

vidvera wrote:

check this website, its a salary calculator: … arium.html

Thanks for that Vidvera, it gives me an idea salary wise so even with my broken French. Is it normal in Switzerland for 12 payments or is the 13th month also standard.

Any idea about the benefits i should try to negotiate.

Many thanks