Still interested to hang out???

Hello Fellow Expats,

Came across this small yet very wonderfull Indonesian restaurant at Groenplaats the other evening. Exquisite food and pretty tasty.

If anyone is still interested to hangout....prior reservation is a must.


yessssssss! Indonesian restaurant... mmm sounds great! :)

Hi guys,

I would be interested, if a date and time could be arranged...

hey guys we are trying to arrange something for the next Fri 2nd of march in the evening around the Groenplaats.. is that ok for you? :)

Hi georg86,

That sounds great. I hope some others can make it too.

Hi swe11 and ausanjay,

We are planning to go for a dinner the next Friday at the Groenplaats.. we only need to decide a place.. what about that Indonesian restaurant?

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