Wanted Large Holiday Apartment for Familys


We are looking for a nice clean very large apartments or aparthotel for four nigths for between 12-20 people in budapest
or two apartments next to each other
Any help would be great


What areas are good to look for family holiday apartments ? Are some distrist really rough ? Is budapest safe for familys are there alot of scams about ? Are a small group of 21 years old safe to go out drinking clubbing etc, Which are the best baths/spa to visit ?
Thanks for any help/advice/tips

Hello millymolly, I invite you to post an advert in Budapest classifieds > Holiday rentals section.

Hope it helps,

Thank You very much thats great


Budapest is a very diverse city, so the area you want depends very strongly on what you consider "fun" and how much money you have.

On the other hand distances between relevant areas are not too big, usually walkable, public transportation is fine during the day, a $10-15 taxi ride will get you anywhere at night.

So if the group is diverse as well, pick somewhere safe and nice for the kids, and let the young adults find what they want anywhere in the city.

Thank You so great advice there
We are on a bit of a budget we are not looking for 5 star luxury as long as its very clean and friendly,

We have a very mixed group some like looking round castles etc some like the shops and markets and the young ones like the bars

Want to be somewhere quite central


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