International Club of Slovenia ICS

for anyone new to the country, looking to make friends, especially in the international circles (which is probably easier at first).
Have a look at the International Club of Slovenia facebook page.
They organize events and social gatherings, hikes, pub crawls, etc.


can we try to keep members on ?

That would be nice ;)

It was not my intention to lead people away from this site. I just thought I could be of help with interesting information about different activities that they can enroll within a society club.
But by all means, if that is against your rules, do modify the thread so it will appear suitable.

Hi everyone! I'm a photographer traveling the world looking for married couples for my project, Crossing Lines | Finding Love! This is my 15th country so far and planning to travel to 28 more before going home for a quick break :) I am having a bit of trouble finding a married couple here in Slovenia and need your help! If you know anyone who could be a part of my project, please message me. I would greatly appreciate it! I leave on Wednesday. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you! Kindly, Mayra

Hello alferra and congrats on your first post on the forum of

I suggest you drop an advert in our Looking for testimonies in Slovenia classifieds section of the forum to increase your chances of having feedbacks.

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