Very difficult to find an English kindergarden.

Hi, Janine here. WE moved to Bulgaria in June this year. We are from SA and speak English. My husband is Bulagarian, but we want to keep English as a first language for our 3 year old daughter. I am finding it very difficult to find an English kindergarden for her. Any help will be appreciated. We live in Nadegda, Sofia. I am also looking to find a place where she could do ballet, or dancing of some sort.

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I've passed a place that looks like an English kindergarten in Ovcha Kupel...

I also passed an advert this morning for a Funky Munky English/Bulgarian kindergarten:

My two children each spent three years at the International Children's Creativity Foundation ( and loved every minute of it. They learned everything they needed for American Kindergarten (or British Year 1) but also had plenty of time to play, too. ICCF has music, karate, dance, yoga, and cooking during the year plus ski school, green school, tennis and football during the winter and summer. The best part about ICCF is the teachers - they haven't changed in the 4+ years we've lived in Sofia and they deeply care about each and every child at ICCF. The preschool is located in Dragalevsi on a quiet, dead-end street and it has a beautiful yard with several different outside play areas. If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to tell you more about our experience there.

Hi, Janine, I used to go to an international school in Sofia, it's located in Druzhba 2. It's called American English Academy, I have many fond memories there, and it's a somewhat cheaper alternative to the Anglo-American School. Kindergarteners are aged from 3-5. Also, one of the primary school teachers is South African, and she taught my sister in 1st grade. The only downside to the school, I suppose, is that it is the Christian curriculum, but that all depends on your personal religious preferences. It shouldn't be much of a problem though, I went there for 7 years and still turned out to be an atheist. This is the web address if you're interested:
PS I was lucky enough to have only native English-speaking teachers in elementary school, but there are some Bulgarian teachers as well, all fluent in English.
Hope this helps!

We decided to have an English speaking baby-sitter. We have not found Italian kindergarten so we decied to hire a baby-sitter who speaks English (we have not found Italian speaking baby-sitter). We are very satisfied, Bulgarian girls are very kind to children. :)

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Hi dear,
My son is 18 months and I am looking for an English kindergarten in sofia but it is really hard,can I ask you to give me your baby sitter telephone number?because it is hard to trust strangers.


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