New to Adana


Although I have visited Adana many times before to see the in-laws, I have only just recently moved to Adana permanently.

My husband, son and I moved over from the UK in October and have started a new life here in Adana near his family.

Would be great to hear from other expats, and whether there are any expat meetings held on a regular basis.


Welcome to Shell!


Hi my name is Seval @ the time im in phoenix, arizona but i have lived and worked in adana incirlik AFB and i have a home in kizkalesi and will be there in mid june my facebook adress is ***.  Would like to meet with you and your family.

Hello hediye -> To note that this thread is old (2011). ;)

Thank you,

thanks hi where are you i will be in kizkalesi end of june, come for a visit.

I'm in kurttepe Adana for the time being

Hi Shell I am Cynthia I am an American Teacher living here in Gazi Pasha Park in Adana

my number is :***

ı m closed to you :D

Hello. Am Maggie. Living in Seyhan,Adana, with my husband for almost 2yrs.
Do you have fb? mine is Margaretha Hasibuan.
Hope to meet you soon :)


Are you stiĺl in Adana?

Hi Maggie and the other girls

I'm from Brasil and I'm passing a time in Adana in my boyfriend's house in Seyhan.
I came to know more of turkish living and if there is a possibility to me here.

I talk a little of turkish but a nice english besides my brazilian language.
I worked with clothes styling and english teaching in my country.

It would be nice to meet some of you, just to talk and know how is to live here.

Hi Izabelita,

Please be informed that this thread is an old one. The participants have not connected since long. It would  be better if you create your own topic on the Adana forum, you will then have hopefully some response.

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Thanks Bhavana

But I don't know how to do this

Best regards

You could use this link : … mp;lang=en

Introduce yourself and share your views, it would be a nice start for a new topic.


Hello Izabetila,

My name is Umut and l recently moved to Adana as l found a teaching position.

l am hoping to make international friends in Adana and l hope u enoy your stay here.



Hi, my name is Novia. I'm new in Adana. Nice to meet you.

Hi Noviaun

I stayed in Adana for 40 days and I found the same difficult you're passing now.
It's a pitty because I wanted to talk with someone in English but now I'm back to my country.

Are you living or just passing some days in Adana?

Hi Izabelita. Nice to meet you :)

Yes, It's so hard :D I will be in here around 1 year. I think I must learn turkish language 😂 It will be bad if I can't speak to anyone :D So, what do you do to talk the other people here?
Yeah, i'm sad because you've back your country :( hehe.. by the way, do you have foreign friends here?

Hi Noviaun

I always used my tablet to say some words to the people in the house I lived .
But my boyfriend helped me a little, but the best thing is to look for a turkish course to practice the language
I knew by phone a friend that give English classes in Adana, on Expat. I'll contact him to call you if you wish.
Bye and have luck😉

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