English speaking accountant that knows Canadian taxes

Anyone got an international  accountant that speaks English and knows canadian  tax laws as I have to file our first income taxes this year here apparently.??? I need to know how it (the process) works. I don't  want to pay an exorbitant amount before knowing what this is...it also should be a really simple tax return for here.

What don't you do it in Canada ? If it's Canada tax, a Canadian accountant FROM Canada is the best.

https://www.alignable.com/montreal-qc/a … consulting

@Scooter - I sure would like to know if there are others in my similar situation, looking for Brazil-based accountants that one can trust to do foreign taxes. My case would be USA taxes. My taxes are so darned easy that I would do them myself IF IT WERE NOT FOR the fact that my partner, who also has to do USA taxes, does not understand English, let alone our IRS.

Right now I hire an expensive service in the US to do our joint taxes only because if I pass away before she does there's a minimal chance that someone in the family might be able to pick up on the responsibility so that her USA-based benefits continue (she'd get survivor benies and if she doesn't act appropriately they'll probably cease). I'd like a trustworthy Brazilian accountant that can advise and help resolve financial issues that have little in common with Brazilian financial circumstances.

Still looking. Still hoping...... It seems it would be a great niche given the number of folks retiring in this direction.