Public transportation in Singapore

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in Singapore ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed? What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Singapore?

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I've been to Singapore twice in the last year and the modes of public transport that were available from what i saw were ;

Taxis (expensive and cheap ones) ;)
Metro Rail

With Taxis I found out that the blue older Crown models type were comparatively cheaper than the Black Chrysler Sedan limo looking ones. Example, from Changi International Airport, Singapore to Marina Bay i was charged $17 SGD, using Crown model taxi. On the same distance trip from Marina Bay to Airport, leaving Singapore, I used the the Black Chrysler Sedan limo and got charged, $34 SGD. I'm guessing you pay for the comfort of the ride. But generally i used the blue taxis and found them reasonable..

The Metro Rail in Singapore, i found very efficient. Its well air conditioned, i found it to be frequent, very clean, and mobile phone reception is available given that's its underground. I was in the Marina Bay area and when i used the Metro, i traveled locally and used a pre-pay card. I used to pay approx $1 SGD per trip. I heard from my work colleagues in Singapore, the  further you travel, the more you get charged.

I've not used the buses in Singapore, but i heard its cheaper than Metro Rail. :D

I've used the Taxis and Metro Rail quite late at night and never felt unsafe or uneasy. :rolleyes:  Please note this is my personal experience of using the Metro rail and Taxis in Singapore. May be others (who live there or have been there a while) can give a more detailed and accurate note of using public transport there. :happy:

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The transitlink website is pretty useful. It contains a travel planner, fare estimate, estimated travel time, bus schedules etc for all means of public transportation (buses/rail). should probably be stickied in the guide.

Apart from bus/rail, you can use cabs. Normal cabs flagdown fare starts around $3. Increments of 20cts each 400m or so. Cabs are fairly plentiful, you would not normally have too many problems hailing one, unless very remote areas or during Chinese New Year (a lot of Chinese cabby drivers don't work during these 2-3 days)

All come with AC. Generally buses and rail tend be crowded at peak times (7-9 morning & 6-8 evening).

Rail remains the most popular way to get from one point to another, as trains are frequent, reliable, relatively fast and there are no traffic jam problems as you would notice using road transportation. Rails runs underground in the central areas (office area/shopping malls) and overground on the outskirts of the city. The underground system is very efficiently connected - hotels/malls/offices have underground connections which can come handy on rainy days. Rail system runs from early morning around 6 to around 1 a.m. During off-hours, there remain cab and night buses options.

All means are very safe, as the city itself. You won't have problems using night buses or cabs or even walking on the streets at 3-4 in the morning!


Thanks for these useful tips.:top:


There are two iphone apps I can heartily suggest to anyone new to getting around Singapore. The one for transit is called Iris and it lets you see when the next bus is arriving at the stop you are standing at. Very helpful if you aren't sure if you should stay put or hail a cab.

I use the Comfort Delgro taxi app (another free one) to book taxis when there are line-ups or if I need to book an early morning trip to the airport. You do pay a booking fee but jumping the cue at Carrefour on a busy Sunday... priceless.

I tend to use taxis more than transit because most places I go on a daily basis are not near stations at all. Looking forward to the new circle line being open. That will really cut back on my taxi budget.

What do you think about the means of transportation in Singapore ? it's reliable, but too crowded. i'm claustrophobic, so it's hard for me.

Is the network of means of transportation well developed? What modes of transport are available? i think it's well developed. the trains and buses are clean compared to new york city. there's buses, trains, and taxis just like any other place.

Do you use them? i take the MRT practically everyday.

How much is a fare? i pay about SD $1.60 to get to work and the same to get back, which is a lot cheaper than in new york city when you convert the fare into USD.

Are they relatively safe? yes.

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Singapore? i take the MRT and buses pretty much everyday.

all in all, i think the public transportation in singapore is a lot better than in new york city. over there, it's horrible. you always wait a long time for trains and buses. there's constant train delays. buses break down. there were three train lines that were discontinued just before another fare raise. the trains and train stations are really dirty and smelly. sometimes rats will find their way onto the platform. it's really disgusting. in singapore, the trains are always clean. my only complaint is that it is too crowded. sometimes, i can't get onto a bus because it's too full, which delays me when i'm getting to work and my feet really hurt from having to stand all the time. however, i never wait very long for the trains, which is good.

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Theres another app you can use but its only available on iphones at the moment. Its gocatch. Its a free app They let you see all available drivers in the area you're in.

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