Getting a PayPal account for a Venezuelan living in Colombia

Can it be done? Is anyone on this site in a similar situation and was able to open a PayPal account?

It looks like PayPal operates in Colombia and Venezuela, however there are probably tons of security hurdles to overcome.

It's still worth a shot, however!

Why pray tell would you want to do that?



I haven't been able to get PayPal to work in Colombia.  So...I gave up that account.  haven't tried in a few years.

I have had a PayPal Account in Colombia since arriving 12yrs ago, they wouldn't let me just change details when I moved, I had to close my old account and open a new one. When I was first here they let me register my UK bank card, but when it came to renewal of my card, they ^would only let me use my Colombian Bank card, and that continues today.

Its extremely difficult for Venezuelans to do any type of financial dealings in Colombia

They.can get bank accounts  but have more restrictions than Colombians.

However if Venezuelans are legal and have a PTP, they can jump directly to an "R" visa and cedula after 5 years, and then after 1 to 3 years, they can go directly to citizenship.

@Lpdiver Remote jobs, online marketing, etc. often pay only using PayPal.

@nico peligro The person I'm trying to help with this has a Bancolombia account. I'll have to ask about the status for living in Colombia. I'm fairly sure there's no Colombian cedula. Thanks for your reply.