Where Can I Find a Cardless ATM?

I am eagerly awaiting my new debit card. Meanwhile I have a cardless one. Does anyone know wfere I can find a cardless ATM in Envigado or Medellin? I'd rather not withdraw from savings.


Los bancos que permiten retirar dinero sin tener tarjeta en Colombia. Daviplata, Lulo, Bancolombia, BanAgrario, BBVA, Colpatria y Banco de Bogotá son algunas de las entidades que lo permiten.

https://www.portafolio.co/economia/fina … bia-574753

Barley, an expert who will enter Colombia in 2024 without an entry stamp

Thank you. Silly me, I expected to see some sign on a special ATM!

I am eagerly awaiting my new debit card.



By definition, a new debit card is a card.   

How can a card be cardless?

How does it work if you find a cardless ATM?


They have those virtual on line card you can use until your card gets to you,

You can use for online purchasess, but not at ATMs, and good luck trying to getting money at the cajas at Davavienda