ATM Withdrawal Limits

Nigeria has announced they are restricting ATM withdrawals to $45 per day or $225 per week, if that happens in Colombia would that be enough to live on? … ingbuttons

High-rolling Gringos might have to cut back on

their 'sofisticada' lifestyles.

Or else find another way to access 'efectivo'.

For instance, get an additional Colombia bank

or co-op account and request money at a teller

window instead of an ATM.

Just because one country in Africa puts limits

on ATM withdrawals .. does not mean

a country in South America will follow suit.



Under this hypothetical, I can speculate what the Gran Qi (Quindio Influencer) would do. I should first mention that Qi does not have a Colombia bank account because it might result in undue attention from DINA or immigration at the time of his visa renewal. Qi has a digital wallet called Rappipay that he funds periodically using his Capital One debit card from the U.S. 

He is charged a 2.4% fee for this transaction, so an $800 transfer would cost him $19.20.  Once the money is the account, he can use the Rappi app or its associated debit/card to pay for groceries and utilities. He could then pay his landlord each month by doing a transfer from his Rappi account to the Rappi account of his landlord, or optionally, to the Colombia bank of his landlord, or even another virtual wallet held by his landlord : … is-3303568

What if..what if...

What if they make it " 0" and ban all ATMs and credt cards?

What if they kidnap all foriegners and hold them for ransom?

Or something more realstic..

What if there are 2 day line ups for gas like in Venezuela, taxis cost 5 times as much, nobody can leave their city because the protestors have blocked all roads? ( like what  happened in recent history in Colombia)

What if Russia nukes the Northern hemisphere and we are stuck here with no outside communication, limited food , water and electricity, and face a lingering death from radiation like in the old 60s movie " on the beach"?

To answer the ops question, obviously even more transactions would become digital.

But unlikely scenario at this point.

But way things are today, some other totally different " blackswan" event could happen causing the same or worse disruptions.


Protestors could shutdown all roads and airpoorts like what is happenning now in Peru.

Anything can happen..even things you never thought of.

You are not in Kansas toto.