We are a family of 4 and we wlll like to move to merida.We have to know how is the cost there about with schools,health,rent a house.....

Check  out  Living in Merida.Blogspot for an informative blog. It's all about  a family of 4's movie to Merida and includes many good insights as well as cost of living details etc.

mini 3000 euros depending of your location, school,...

Take a two week vacation and visit Merida. Hands on information on cost of housing, visits to schools, talk to people about their doctors, look into IMMS insurance, visit supermarkets and mercados to price food.

and dont forget prices proposed to foreigneirs are 2 to 3 time more expensive than the reallity

francoisl, you still use euros in Mexico? Try using pesos. And if your still paying 2 to 3 times the value, you must be a newcomer to Mexico.

Don't worry i have quite the inmigrado, i build my house and have my business, employees here in merida. I warn the future resident against the risks: speculation of real estate, lawyer accounting,... in fact mainly all the gueys of the "casta divina" who try to stole the foreigneirs and not only.....:(

To rent a house in merida yucatan mexico you can do with 500dlls per month and buy a house in a good place with 115,000dlls miy

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francoisl , seems like you should have information about how and where to get info about obtaining a building permit, type of footing to build and the geological about the ground of my property and do I need this to able to build my house in Sitpach outside of Merida. My architect here in the usa tells me that he needs it in order to draw up my plans, please let me know.

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sorry, what now?

depends on the area. I am in the north where it is new & modern and I pay 12,000 for a new 2 bedroom large apartment inc water, wifi

anybody else can help me out with either architect, builders and carpenters

What area ???
I suggest Rent first and look …..

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