Tourism visa to Australia for Indonesian spouse

Hi all

Last March, 2023, we applied for tourist visa (class 600) to travel from Hong Kong to Australia and it was rejected based on the facts that my then partner (and employee so we could live together) did not have substantial assets, employment, family and generally enough incentive to return to Hong Kong.

Fast forward to now (December) and we are in Bali (since end August), we are married, she owns a villa and has family here and we want to have another crack at the visa.  Her job is "home duties" and neither of us are working but living off investments in the short term.  I filled out the visa forms as sponsor but the sponsorship form says I should be over 18 (yes) and settled in Australia.  Obviously our relationship is spouse / married but I do not have an address in Australia and someone said to use my Mums - but just say so.

Does anyone have any advice on getting this approved on the 2nd try?



I'm not t all familiar with the requirements for an Indonesian to visit Indonesia as a tourist, but for Europe, UK, Japan, Korea etc we always submit my last 3 months bank statements or net worth and my Indonesian wife uses that.

We also usually use an agent which costs very little and they are experts in obtaining visas for travel overseas. That would be one of the bigger travel agents who also help with tourist visas for overseas.

I think the most important thing is to be honest - apparently if they find you have misled then you can get a 3 year ban put in place.  Could you share any agents you have used?


Sure. You can try Bayu Buana Travel Service or Golden Rama. Probably Golden Rama is better. Both have branches in Bali.

Thanks so much. I'll check them out


You're most welcome.