any puertoricans living in spain? 🧐 because i have questions and questions and questions lol...

Hello Chelzyy,

You can use the following tool to filter members by nationality and reach out to them (just be careful not to send any copy paste private message as it could block your pm) : Spain expat network

You can also create an identical thread in spanish on the spanish speaking forum : Foro España

Feel free to pen down some of your questions (one at a time) other members can guide you as well.

All the best


is because my plan is between spain or switzerland....so im undecided now...and im still doin my research of what to do...thats why i copy and paste so i dont have to write this again

Hello Chelzyy,

Yes don't worry, I get it ^^

I hope you will get some useful infos that will make your choice easy.