Help needed to find an English tutor in Puerto Plata

Can any body living in Puerto Plata recommend a good English teacher for an adult needing to learn speaking and listening skills in English.

Basically my partner and I are due to marry in September and we were in the process of applying for a UK spouse visa. For the UK now you need to pass an English test but the DR was exempt due to a lack of test centres. That all changed on 3rd August and we found out yesterday that he will now have to sit the test. The big problem is that he doesn't speak English and needs a basic speaking and listening knowledge in the next 5 weeks. We are numb from shock at the moment and desperately trying to locate someone to help us.

Thanks in advance to any one reading this.

Hello Montellano and welcome to!

You should post an advert in the Dominican Republic classifieds > language classes section.

I hope it helps,

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