Single Christian Expat gentlemen

HI all.  Im new. Visited St Kitts 10 years ago. Met friends there who have come to the U.S. to visit me.  Love the Kittitians.. considering a move.  Plan to visit again some time April 2023 and look at Real Estate.  Just wondering...are there many single Christian Expat gentlemen there?  If so.. what area? Thanks.

Hi DragonFly Lady.  I am single Christian gentleman from Canada that will be moving to St. Kitts before September. I toured the island last summer and have met many interesting and friendly people. I was told that I should purchase a home in Frigate Bay because most of the expats live there. However, it's not a big Island and as long a you're okay with public transportation or plan to own a car then who can live anywhere.  I am purchasing a home over by the University because the Caribbean water is so much nicer than on the Atlantic side. I like to go for long walks and looking out over seaweed covered rocks and beaches just isn't for me. I can be downtown by car in about 5 minutes. To a nice beach you can walk is maybe 10 minutes from my home. 

I think the best way to meet like minded individuals is through the various Facebook groups. People are very friendly.


@Peter Burdon Hi Peter. Thanks for the reply. So you've already purchased there?  I am going on May 10 for a week to look around for real estate. Frigate Bay is one of the areas I'm looking at.  What is the name of the area your home is in?  Thanks much for the contact. You are the only one who responded.  :)

The owners and I have agreed upon the price but there are still lots of things to work out.  You really need to engage a St. Kitts lawyer. The Real Estate people are friendly but they're really just representing the owner.

So where are staying and what Real Estate company are you working with? I used two separate agents.

Where besides Frigate Bay will you be looking. I settled on a home closer to the University.  I'm happy to share with you any tips I  have learned along the way. My tour of St. Kitts was last year but I have been watching the real estate for quite a while.


Where in the USA do you live?

send reply to private msg.

@Peter Burdon Charlotte, NC

hello mr. Peter, I would really like to come to saint kitts too, if you would accomodate me just for some time before i get myself, i would love to friends with you

@DragonFly Lady would also love to be friends with you and peter, you two seems to be the only active persons and more realistic in your approach

@imasuenkelly918  Hi. I'm in very preliminary stages of exploration at this point.  I'm anticipating some life changes and trying to learn all I can before making any major moves.  I'll be in St. Kitts May 10 for a week and will be staying with friends there..  They are going to show me around.  Hopefully I will have a better idea after that time as to whether or not living there could be feasible for me.

@DragonFly Lady

Alright that would be nice, i will keep in touch and i pray the purpose of your visit will be actualised

@DragonFly Lady

Hello this is Peter. Not sure if you remember me. My home in Toronto is finally sold so I hope to be moving to St.Kitts before the end of the year.

Did you find a suitable home in St Kitts? I have recently been looking online but haven't seen much inventory at my price level


Hi Peter!  Yes I remember you.  I was not very impressed with St Kitts.  I'm still looking for a viable option to the US if trump manages to escape our justice system.   Headed for Bahamas in December to look around.  Also considering southern France.  Language barrier a big problem but there are a lot of expats there.  Best health care system in the world there.   Just praying my country survives this.