Moving to St Kitts in December. Needing info. Please help!

Hi all!

I'll be moving to St. Kitts to start a new job in December. I don't have a place yet and I've been trying to look up places online, but there are limited resources. Can anyone recommend any reputable realtors that can help? Also, I'll probably need a temporary place to stay until I find a permanent apartment. Any recommendations on an affordable, yet clean and safe place to stay for about a week or two. Finally, I'll be spending Christmas there to make sure I can get situated before I start work in Jan., what's there to do on Christmas if you're new and not with family? Are restaurants and any other businesses open on Christmas?

I don't have much to go on about this move, so any help would be really appreciated!



It is hard to give you direction without having some idea of what you could afford and what you are looking for.  For example, hundreds of foreign students arrive in St Kitts each year who need accommodation and a whole infrastructure has been established to take care of them.  They might share a condo or rent rooms in one the cheaper hotels to keep costs down.  Foreign workers with more money come in and rent nice condos.  There is a wide choice at every price level.  Since tourism is the most important industry in St. Kitts, there will be restaurants in the hotels open at Christmas to take care of the tourists. The beaches are always open which means the beach bars are usually going to be open too.  The Christmas week is a busy time with higher than normal hotel reservations.  Have you talked to your employer about accommodation possibilities?

Thanks for your reply! I have spoken to my employer about accommodations. They don't provide any and I've asked for assistance in finding at least a temporary place so I'm hoping that will be forthcoming. I wanted to get on it sooner rather than later because I'll be arriving in late December, with about a week to get settled before starting work. I know that it might be harder to reach people on the island for business purposes, showing apartments, since businesses tend to close for the holidays and people go on vacation. So, a realtor seems like my best option at this point to get stuff going. It's good to know places will be open to eat and get entertainment during Christmas though. Do you know if these apartments for students are also available to rent for non-students? I'm looking for a studio-type apartment and I'm assuming that would probably be the layout of the off-campus student housing. Thanks again for the info!!!!

I think I saw that you will be working with one of the post secondary schools,  They run buses into Frigate Bay every day for the students which perhaps you can use as you probably will not have a car, at least initially.  This means you would want to look for an apartment on Zenway Boulevard which is the main tourist area anchored by the giant Marriott Hotel which is the island's largest employer.  This area is safe with patrols by the campus police and the police department - not that I expect you to ever have a problem.  It is an area with lots of restaurants and people moving around.  There is a small grocery store, RAMS, along this strip. They have bigger stores in Basseterre which is a few miles away. The airport is 10 to 15 minutes away.

You might want to look at renting a place at Sealofts (2 bedrooms/ 2 baths) from one of the owners.  It would probably be in the range of $1,000 to $1,300 US -a week and in the area of $3,000 a month - negotiate.  Go to the site and other websites advertising condos in Frigate Bay.  Many people in Sealofts are retired from US, Canada, UK and Austria. Next door to them is Island Paradise where you might  get a one bedroom for a less. There are some teachers renting there  Students and teachers rent these places.  Sugar Bay Club, Royal St. Kitts and Silver Reefs are other near by places to look at.

The people in St. Kitts are different from other islands.  They are polite and laid back.  No one is bugging you on the street to buy anything.  It is a small island, with no traffic lights.  Watch out for petty thieves.  Lock your doors at night.  I am sure you will find lots to keep you entertained in Frigate Bay.


These places will come furnished, have swimming pools and staff taking care of things.  If you want to rent an unfurnished apartment or house you can probably fine one for between $1,000 and $,2000.  Brian Kassab & Associates is probably as good a realtor to contact as any.

Awesome information! Thank you so much!!!!