Passport stamp

Hi everyone. I recently receive a St Kitts and Nevis passport and I want to know if they put a stamp there when entering or leaving St Kitts and Nevis?

I will be grateful for your help.

@nord.1021 Hi, yes you get stamped on arrival and at departure too. I got my stamped at the immigration desk. There were just 6 of us in the whole airport that day and they locked up right after the customs officers cleared us 🤣


Thanks for you reply. Did you arrive with a St Kitts passport?

@nord.1021 Yes, I traveled with my Saint Kitts passport and got it stamped at the immigration and it was pretty simple, there were no questions asked.


I've only used my SKN ppt once. Immig stamped my entry, but not my exit.

I've traveled a lot (on a different ppt) and have found some other country's immig officials inconsistent in stamping entry/exits.

I have no idea if this might be the case with SKN.

I don't see why you would be concerned about entry/exit stamps for SKN.

If you want to prove 183+ days residency on SKN for tax purposes, you'll need more proof than just a couple of ppt stamps, I'm sure.

SKN is beautiful! Both physically, plus lovely, warm people.

We are going back as soon as we can.


I read that I don't need to stay in the country for 183 days to be a tax resident. I mean I am already a tax resident if I have a St Kitts passport.


I think that depends upon what country you are current a tax resident of, and if you plan to continue to be a tax resident of your current country (paying taxes to that country) or wish to become solely tax resident in SKN. If the latter, I'd suggest you consult with a qualified tax professional in the country where you are currently a tax resident. Only that person will be able to competently advise you as to whether or not less than 183 days actually resident IN St. Kitts (your body physically on the ground in St. Kitts or Nevis) would be sufficient to absolve you of your tax obligations to the country to which you are currently paying tax. I'd suggest you do NOT try to take tax advice from online sources. Please turn only to someone who is licensed to provide such advice to a person in YOUR circumstances. I know it may cost some money, but it will cost a LOT less than trouble later with the tax authorities of your current taxing country. Peace of mind is priceless.