International Schools in Durban

I shall be moving to Durban from Singapore. I have a 4 year old son who is in K1. Need inputs on schools. Currently he is doing a full day school
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I was concerned about the same question. Did you move to Durban.? How is life in Durban?

I have 2 children, (4 - 1) We might be moving to Durban and before we decide I was searching information as much as possible. I am affraid of security, what do you think about it?

I would be happy if you could share your thought about the life in Durban..

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You will need security in Durban but if you live in a gated complex you will be safer.  Lots of really good school....whereabouts in Durban? North of Durban would be a good bet private schooling of a very standard but besides some of the set backs Durban is wonderful all round good weather good beaches and loads to do game drives further north or you can go to the private game parks reasonable and you will see so much! Good fishing and our favourite the sardine run loads of silver fish that wash up on the beach you collect by the bucket full all the best in your venture!

There are a number of excellent private schools in the Northern areas of Durban around Umhlanga. Many of the international students in Durban attend Crawford, La Lucia - however there is no 'International school' as such.  There are also closer to Durban proper a number of good private schools that are single sex and very traditional in the old English / Sth African private school system. 

I have lived in Durban for 2 1/2 years - we are Australian but moved here from Hong Kong where our kids were in the British school system attending ESF (English Schools Foundation) schools there. Our children attend another of the northern private schools - Umhlanga College where some expats also attend. It is a more traditional South African school than Crawford, La Lucia.

We live in a gated golf estate community in Umhlanga and are very happy with our choice. We have never had any concerns over our security or that of our children during our time here.

I am very happy to answer any other questions around schools and Durban.

I have been living in Australia for 9 years
We are thinking of relocating back to South Africa
I have a son in grade 8
The only concern is him doing afrikaans in the South African school
He started school in Australia from grade 1
Is there any schools in durban that I can apply to which doesn't require afrikaans

I am new myself in SA (Durban ) and unfortunately kids have to learn both Zulu and Africaans in private schools here but from grade 7 they have a choice of dropping one language  . My kids had to learn them my big one is in grade 6 and struggling in Africaans but the school is helping him a lot so he can catch up . There are also private tuition around for the language if you do need extra help. Good luck but do ask the school you are applying at if he has to do it  they are very helpful.
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Hi I'm from Durban and living in Pune - India of the last six years.having said that my daughter is attending a Cambridge school here and ideally looking at co ed school or all girls school that offer IGCSE.we planning to relocate in 2015 or 2016.kindly assist on the same

Hi Nikki, I may be transferred for my work from Sydney Australia to Durban South Africa. I have two children aged 5 and 8, the 5 year old is just about to start school, going into Kindergarten and my oldest child will be going into Year 3.  I'd like to find out if they will be able to remain in the equivalent year in South Africa.  I presume they would be a year younger than everyone else because of the differing starting ages between South Africa and Australia?  Will this be allowed?  I really don't want them to go 'down' a year because we intend to return to Australia (In a couple of years, if we go it will be April this year 2018 and return Oct 2019) and then they would be in the wrong age group in Australia.  Also if the youngest has started school, learning to read and write I think he would be so bored going into reception where I presume it is all 'play based learning' but I presume no numeracy or literacy?  Can you tell me how it worked for you?  Thanks.  Tara

Hi Are you still in Durban?

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