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I remember reading on this board when I first discovered this board that there were no Health Insurance companies that would not start a policy if you were older than 65.

I did read sometime after on this board, that someone had found a provider for people over 65.

I just saw a video, and the narrator said it's important to purchase Health Insurance before you turn 60 as when you are over 60, it's difficult to get Health Insurance.

Can someone in the know, please let me know what the real age for Health Insurance in the DR, that's important to purchase before, is it 60, or is it before 65 years old ?

Thanks :)

I have heard many times that it is 65 but that you don't want to wait until you're about to turn 65 to purchase it. However, Planner is way more knowledgeable than I am on this and I'm sure she'll let us know. I hope it's 65 too as I have missed the mark already if it's 60!!

So I can issue insurance on many carriers up to age 64 and 11 months when I get the application.

Things have changed a bit and now the companies look at each application individually.  The costs associated with a medical automatically at age 60 and over are too high. So now underwriters look at each policy and evaluate. It is straightforward to get insurance between 60 and almost 65.

Expect more situations of additional premiums for existing conditions, risk management and more exclusions.

General advice - never try to hide a condition. Over 60 and perfect health will get you flagged!  And later when you need it most you may be denied based on an investigation!

As if right now I know only one carrier for over age 65 and I won't handle that company or policy!   +++Note that may be changing and if it does I will update everyone!

Thanks Planner for chiming in :)

Planner, you mention that there a a carrier that will issue policies for over age 65.  I'm not sure what you mean that you "won't handle that company".  Are you an insurance agent?

Could you provide any information on the carrier?


As an individual and former insurance person I looked at this coverage and it's cost and decided the cost / benefit ratio was not worth it. I chose and continue to choose not to work with this company. I am not a broker but I work with several companies.

Let me get you the info on the insurance!

Maria Magdalena can help with insurance over age 65.  It's with Yunen  her email [email protected]

All of the in-country companies I contacted said they could not issue any type of health insurance to a foreigner if that person is over 70 and did not enroll before their 70th birthday.  However, a couple of agents have told me that the apparently government sponsored insurance, SENASA, is available to me.  I am going to travel to an office in Las Terrenas to check it out.

I do not think it is  but please keep us posted!!!

Yes, Senasa enrolls at 70 and even more. People from 70 pay double fee.

But ... people over 55 have to go through a medical evaluation.

This means if you are a fit 75 triathlete you will get it, if you are 55 and have any serious pre-existing conditions, they won't accept you or will exclude all the risks.

I checked the site and can't find where they enroll up to age 70.   I see the higher premiums at 70, they all do this.

No worry I will confirm on Monday because this is important to many people.

Planner, I went to the main office in Santo Domingo. I asked the question insistently, that is what in have been told.

Excellent!  I will get some quotes and post what coverage costs!

@planner Thanks!

Here is what we have been told:

Senasa plan Ambar for individual subscription.

You can apply with no age limit!

After age 55 you must have a doctor's physical that YOU pay for. 

If you are female and childbearing years you pay for a pregnancy test.

Coverage: it's somewhat limited. Catastrophic case limit 500,000

Single case limit 250,000

Room 3,000 per night

Prescriptions 4,000 per year

80% copay.

Premium per month 1,747  they do three six or yearly payment.

Age 70 is double the premium.

To enroll contact Senasa directly!

Expect anything pre existing to be excluded!  And anything related to it excluded!

@planner You really put effort in all these forums, Thank you!

I'm doting my i's and crossing my Ts before we commit to buying here and being snowbirds. I read through the forum I still have 2 questions!

For health insurance do you suggest buying local or from home if we are here for 6 months?

Would you suggest a 12 month policy as we grow into our golden years, I'm now 57 my wife is 56? we pay about 600 for the 2 of us for emergency medical from home for a 6 months term.

who do you recommend?

I really love sharing what I know about this country! 

So it's a personal decision. If you think your time here annually will be above 5 months a year and increasing, it's worth getting good coverage here. You get into a plan and as long as you pay you have coverage! That is very useful.  Many either won't qualify later or will have ore existing conditions not covered. That can be a deal breaker!

Currently the better plan in my group is about US 54 a month per person.  And it's full coverage not just emergency!  That's only for comparison of cost.  You have to pay for the whole year though not just the months you are here.

@planner Yes I expected it to be for a full year and yes 5 months will be our time here as we are still slaving away in our own tourist town. I don't want to retire yet, I like working...kinda! LOL Thanks Planner!

@planner what's your plan... I see the ad in the conversation.. can you post it here? or send me a message?

I will message you privately.  My plan is very similar to other companies. I simply actively manage a group plan.

Are 71 & 72 too old for your group plan?


Hi Gary, unfortunate they are. I am currently limited to under 65.

@planner, hello @ good morning! Are there programs for those over 65? I see a day when I will spend months in country and the coverage would be for emergency medial as I see it, thinking g heart stroke bad accident…..then being stable enough to go back to the United States for longer treatment. 🇺🇸

@michael7014  check with Humana in the Dominican Republic. I only have single coverage but it's one of the best insurance companies if not the best and with my coverage, Humanscale pays 90% and it's only $106 US dollars.

I work with Humano and it's not just emergency coverage it's full!  Currently it's not available to enroll over age 65.

There is one company and I posted the agents contact info before.  I will find it and post

@shaddaione  $106 per month?

That would be their most inclusive plan. In my opinion the extra premium is not worth the additional coverage. The next plan is about US 54 a month. 

@planner Can you private message me a quote for female 54 and male 55. No pre-existing conditions?  Thank you so much.

I will message you

@Ian1272 I have a health insurance plan you can join as late as age 74 and it is reasonably priced. ***

Alex Routh ***

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Weird question. Can we get insurance before we get residency?  My husband is starting the residency process soon even though it will be a few years before we live there full time. (but not 10 anymore! 1f60e.svg) We aren't sure about me being added yet. (I will get my pension starting at 60...and will qualify then) But, should we look at getting insurance while we are still in our 50's?

Yes you can!