Package Importation Service

A gentleman who lives in Heredia runs a package importation service that is not well known but which has loyal following. For all the details, you should contact him directly (see below). His English is perfect.

The gist of it is that when you make a purchase in the U.S. you have your goods sent to his warehouse in Florida. Then you immediately go online to his Google spreadsheet and record the fact that the package is coming. Once the seller ships your stuff and sends you a Tracking Number, you go back to your entry on the spreadsheet and insert the Tracking Number.

While the package is en route to Costa Rica, it's up to you to see if it's been received in Heredia. When it's here, you can go to his place and pick it up or have his delivery guy deliver it to you at an additional cost.

Okay, so what's it cost? The charge to bring your stuff from Florida to Heredia is a flat $8.00 per pound - no additional fees, taxes, etc. You can pay via funds transfer at a Costa Rican bank, you can pay when you pick up your goods, or you can pay the delivery guy when he arrives. All transactions are in U.S. Dollars; no colones, please. The cost of delivery to your home will depend on where you live.

Special Note: This service is not fast, so if you wish to use it, you should plan in advance.

For the most up-to-date and to create an account, call or WhatsApp ***. He's not reliable about checking his email.

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@daveandmarcia Does it mean that your package bypass customs (aduanas)? What is the weight limit?

I can only assume that it does not get Customs' loving attention, but I don't know that. Maybe Eladio can answer your questions with more authority.

@daveandmarcia if you deal with customs, this business makes little sense. This is the first thing it should advertise.

We live in Puriscal and Dual just opened an office.  We have two gates on our development and each gate has an RFID card reader.  When the first card reader failed Dual was not yet in service so I used Aeropost and the charges incurred were $56.22.  Ironically, the second card reader failed and I was able to order it through Dual for a charge of $16.63.  They were the same item ordered from the same EBay vendor.

@TerrynViv No surprise in this  country. I do shopping in different stores at the same location and the IVA tax is different depending on the store. The same product, same payment method (cash) but IVA ranges from 2% to 13%. Nothing surprises me here anymore.

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