Safe and quiet place in Limon city?

I plan to stay three months in Costa Rica and fancy Limon city as something unique.

I've seen some warning of crime, is this serious if I lead a modest, thrifty lifestyle?

Also I've seen that this city is laid-back during the day but vivid, hectic at night. Can I find a place to stay that is quiet, as well as safe, at night?

Thanks a lot.

puerto viejo is not too far away and is less hectic.  It has restaurants, some night life, more of a chill then Limon. Big Jamaica influence

gyorgy..........The post sounds like you have never been to Limon but at the same time,it is mentioned that you"also have seen",like you been here,as in familiar.At least you are coming with your cup half full because Limon will empty that little bit out fast......

Thanks, jgmort24. Puerto Viejo is said to be a surf beach, is it safe for swimming?

Edwinemora,  I mean I've seen all this information on the internet. Any advice from personal expeience is most welcome.

I have been to Limon and didn t like it that much. I am thinking about moving to CR with my family, but think about the west coast, tamarindo maybe.

i swam there, ate at some great restaurants, liked the reggae feel. Hope you dont mind the smell of weed.  Very laid back

Little QC  You would like the pacific coast.  Have a condo at flamingo beach which is 25 minutes from Tamarindo that i rent out when i am not there.  Good international schools and
area for kids.

Sounds good, jgmort24, thanks.

gyorgy......For me personally,the Atlantic side of Costa Rica is another universe within itself.I really don't care for the fake rasta culture that is not Costa Rica's either.If living in an old port town because of economic reasons is the draw for you,there is way better on the Pacific.

If the Pacific side, how is Puntarenas? It is a big city, must have cultural life; and Playa Manuel Antonio is said to be beautiful as well as safe for swimming.

jgmort24, what is QC? Anyway, I'd like to know more about your condo. How far is it from the beach and from market, supermarket? And the rent?

gyorgy.......Why the attraction to the old port dumps ? Puntarenas is the old nostalgic porto for Ticos,with the most contaminated and ugliest beaches.Do not mistake the port with the province of Puntarenas because it extends to the Southern Zone.

gyorgy.....I loved Manual Antonio.  The park is great, lots of animals and the beach is a white beach and a good place to swim. Very steep area, which i didn't like when looking at properties, although Uvita and Dominical are not too far from Manual Antonio.  You can check out my condo at Costafalos Escape on air bnb.  Its right on flamingo bay but you need to walk or drive to the beach.  I like renting a golf cart  so the kids can break off and get around to explore the many restuarants and beaches, Also, i have my own parking spot and usually rent a car.  Im in the process of searching for a truck so i will have my own vehicle when i am down there. Rent varies due to the season but if you go through me i will get you a discount. There are several Supermarkets and stores close by.

Limon is getting a face lift, but it's still Limon and crime is still there.  Criminals don't look at how you have been living; if you are American or any foreigner actually, you are a target as they think all of us are rich.   I'd pick a hotel to stay at for a week or so and see how it goes before I'd rent something for 3 months.

edwinemora, it's not the old port dumps. The bay of Puerto Angel, where I stay now, is the most beautiful place on Earth. I dare say so having been to the Riviera,  Thai beaches, and even Waikiki. And I prefer local environs to McDonald, etc. which is the same everywhere.

You, a local, say of Puntarenas "the most contaminated and ugliest beaches" While jgmort24, who also has much experience says "The park is great, lots of animals and the beach is a white beach and a good place to swim". Hmm....

Ginger Firestone, yes, I always go to a hotel first and find long term rent on the spot. I'd like to make sure in advance where. So, you're saying I may be targeted even if I don't walk on empty streets at night, or show off anywhere drunk?

gyorgy......The port of Puntarenas and Manuel Antonio National Park are two different places and worlds apart from each other as in everything.