Preapproval of amount to fill a gas tank and doubling up

I have learnt from bitter experience that the pre-approval of an amount of money to put fuel in my vehicle can stay on my card for up to 5 working days, in addition to the euro amount I actually put in the tank.

This left me very short of money as €150 was preapproved to fill my vehicle. I filled €135.41 and both amounts appeared on my card.  The €150 disappeared after 2 days only to be replaced by a preapproval amount of €135.41.  So I had two lots of €135.41 on my card.  Even when the amount had been processed and finalised, the other 135.41 stayed on my card for the full 5 working days.  I had to borrow money to pay for things as I was depending on that money being available.  This is an appalling state of affairs and needs to be rectified by the banks or companies doing it.  The preapproval amount needs to be removed the moment the actual value of the fill is taken.

What have other people done>?