digital nomad visa as entrepreneur

guys and girls s I want to ask if I an take digital nomad visa as entrepreneur in Greece?

@david anastasiadis Hi,they tell you everything on line but it looks like you have to earn three and half thousand per month and its for twelve months, renewable for another twelve,you need to earn more if you have a family with you and you need some kind of work contract,you apply at a Greek consulate office.the process needs careful research.


I shall have 3500 eur

@david anastasiadis Well David,i think you said about marrying a Greek lady once on here so you would certainly entice any lady with three and a half a month haaaaa but watch out cause Greek ladies aint easy,you marry their mother as well as every relation known to them,tenth cousin may burst through the door giving you orders about that three and half,I dont think affection is high on their list of...must have...unless they are fifteen.Good luck with all your trying to be in Greece,never give up.perhaps a different nationality lady.

@concertina I prefer to take digital nomad ,and not seduce girl

@david anastasiadis No one said you were were wanting to seduce girls david,no.perhaps you misunderstood.