Sending large parcels to Greece

I wonder if anyone can recommend someone who is doing the run between London and Greece by road and carrying parcels? I need to send a large piece of sports equipment and I am looking for a solution.

Many thanks


You need a currier/cargo service for any cross border package of any sort.

Something like these might be able to help as they seems to be able to handle heavy gear.

Added ..

Delivery costs are likely to be high so it could end up cheaper buying locally.

Look on line for Freight Forward companies,sometimes just a one person business,easy if you are in London,they charge you and put it into a container which will come down by road,they pay the movers of the container,it will arrive at a port,they will tell you which one,you pick it up with a rental van.I have done this.You will be charged by its size not weight,Wrap you goods very very well,masses of bubble wrap,I also worked for a day for a one man freight forwarder,bubble wrapping all day,furniture,everything must be bubble wrapped.Wasnt too expensive either.Arrived safe and sound.Your sport equipment will probably unscrew,some of it,which would make it smaller and less bits sticking out to get damaged,strap it all together and wrap.Hope this has helped.

Hi Fred & Consertina - I have sent things in the past via forwarding companies and I am looking for a different method. So thanks for the ideas. I will research them.


It would be good,very helpful if you would post here what other methods you might find so as other members might make use of them if required.I guess you might be looking for someone travelling down with their own van and goods from the UK that might have space for your sport equipment as well,worth a try,you never know.

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