Re-entry in italy after having all my legal documents expired


I have spent half of my life in italy upto year 2012. For some reasons I had to travel to my home country Pakistan. Since then due to some unexpected crisis I could not come back to italy upto the present day. Now how can I get back. All my documents have been expired.

Regards:Tahir Nadeem

Hello amiryaqoob8820,

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Before making any moves, I suggest you try to get an appointment at the Embassy of Italy to ask your questions as they will know better what can or cannot be done.

You can also try to call/email them and see if someone can assist you.

See information here > … tti_0.html

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@amiryaqoob8820  if you have permesso di soggiorno lungo periodo (carta soggiorno) yes if you have normal permesso and it is expired more then 6 months unfortunately no