How we can transfer our pensions/pensions providers?

Hi All,

My husband and I are starting to plan an early retirement (in approx. 3 years from now). Any advice would be gratefully received. Our starting point is to find more information about how we can transfer our pensions/pensions providers and any information as to the banking systems/costs/etc.

We are looking forward to connecting via and meeting new friends when we finally arrive.

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Jill Haley (husbands name is Nick)

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Since you have already asked a good question in your first post, I have moved and created a new thread with your post on the Panama forum.

You are more likely to get insight on this topic this way

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We have found it convenient to maintain a USA address for banking and financial things (daughter's house). You can get cash from one of the many ATM's with your credit/debit card and any larger store takes credit cards. More and more things can be managed and paid on line.

if you want or need a Panamanian bank account it can be done. It would be best to talk with your lawyer. It's been too long for me and all I remember is a lot of paperwork. A bank can give you a list of what you need. I think it might be easier after you have residency. I almost never use mine though.

social security payments can be sent to a Panamanian bank. I imagine it's the same for pensions.