PEP application query

Hello Friends

I am current EP holder and my spouse and child are on DP .

I am going to apply for PEP considering the latest uncertain condition. I need help with respect to DP .

There is no provision in PEP form to submit DP application.

DO I need to submit DP application for my spouse and child separately ? If YES , When should I submit it ?

Query 1 :

Is it okay If I submit DP application later once I receive approval for my PEP ?

If my PEP is approved and I have been issued IPA letter , I will have 6 months window , Is it okay to apply for DP in that window ?

Query 2 :

My fixed salary is above 12K , However My November and December month salary came below 12K as I was on unpaid leave .

Will it impact my PEP application ?

Thank you in Advance

  1. Yes
  2. Uncertain - ask MoM!

@beppi  Thank you very much.

If there any email id provided by MOM for asking a query please ? 

Check MoM's website - all contact details are there!

keep in mind that PEP is not renewable. Once it is expired, you will still need to apply for EP or SP in order to continue staying here.