Opening french bakery dumaguete

Hello, i read the forum since 4 month and would like find contact expat in bacolod or dumaguete. I opened before bakery in goa(india) and saigon and now want to stay in philippine for long time.i m french 52 years old ,use to travel, i did study market for it, and now i m in philippine for short time for checking the liability of my business.

I m in manilla actually and move next week to bacolod and dumaguete.

If one expat know well these cities or live here i ll be happy to meet him..we always need advices.


@xavierasia good luck with bakery project Xavier.  I'm in Agusan del Sur, Mindanao and wish we had a French bakery or similar...real bread instead of the over sweet stuff we have to endure.

Good luck

I think if you pit something like that anywhere in Philippines... your best shot of success is in the Makati area, perhaps possibly in Angeles area, and Dumaguete... more foreigners that will for sure buy it... Filipinos mostly won't due to cost.  I am here in Dapitan, Mindanao... across the water from Dumaguete... would definitely not work here... not enough foreigners here... there are some, and since April, I have seen more and more, but nothing like Dumaguete... Many, many there...

Foreign business in the Philippines? hmmm 🤔


Yes noted. Very occasionally though if you identify a niche in the market providing a product/service tailored to the expat market it can work. Whenever in Manila on business I used to stay at the furnished apartment residences, the Joya Loft & Towers in Rockwell, Makati.

Coincidentally there were a couple of French expat guys staying there who turned out to be running a small baguette/ restaurant takeaway at the Burgos end of Makati Avenue which I often frequented. You really can't beat a freshly baked baguette with various French cheese fillings 'avec1f609.svg' fresh salad ingredients. Time permitting I would drop by there for lunch. Sadly when I was in Manila in November the place had closed but I think that was because of the pandemic. You really cannot legislate for an event like that.

Given the number of expats in Dumaguete this could work. Moreover no Filipino could effectively duplicate the service as with the ubiquitous sari sari stores.

Yes, great idea. We do have a few small bakeries scattered around the Dumaguete area that offer real whole wheat or rustic french loaves, but there is definitely room for more, especially if real sandwiches were offered. Not the usual crap sweets that Filipinos love.


You might think of opening a speciality bakery in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Here's just about the only gourmet/reliable artisan bakery in the whole city.

And must say, great sourdough and the baguettes are to die for:

Anyway whatever, good luck to you Xavier


There are several bakeries in my provincial area and they all do well enough to stay in business. They typically sell pan de sal, pan de coco, Spanish bread, tortas and many more varieties. Filipinos love bread and if they like French breads and pastries it should be a moderate success. Profit margins are a bit low here.

The closest bakery expanded to sell sliced bread, beer, sodas, propane refills and recently began selling Realme cell phones. They have an approved deep well so you can fill your 10 liter jug for P10 and a 20 liter jug for P25 with deep well water. I know, the larger quantity should be cheaper per liter but no one complains.

@xavierasia your only chance to to succeed is to open it in a mall, or in bgc, then you need to know, it have already a company called the French bakery in sm mall, so not sure they will allow a competitor to open a store, then you need to think about what kind of french bakery you will open, if you plan to use french flour, the cost of the import will be so expensive, and if you use local flour, the taste of your bread will be really far than the bread we have in France, and you need to know also about the cost of electricity in Philippines, and I will add the most important the quality of the workers here, before to make them work in the way you want, it will be a lonnnng process. Bon courage a toi, n'hesite pas a me contacter si tu veut plus d'infos.

Foreigners can not own or operate businesses in the PI.  No one is talking about that.

Thanks for letting us know Dentoku. After you have read my post you can go back to sleep.1f4a4.svg

Foreigners can not own or operate businesses in the PI. No one is talking about that.

Welcome to the forum den, hope you enjoy. As another member said "that's B/S" and I'm sure he will chime in soon, you can have a business here you just need to jump through the hurdles to achieve.

I looked at buying 4 or 5 tricycles but as said years ago the license fees, competition and returns made it a simple 5 to 8% ROI, better investments else where.

Cheers, Steve.