Furniture for an unfurnished apartment

Hello friends,

I've an Irish male who is moving to Amsterdam. I've just signed a lease for an apartment and move officially on 3rd Jan 2023 in which I'll also start work there in the city (international company so already working). Very excited to see the city and to hopefully meet new people/friends (moving by myself).

Was keen initially for any advice on sourcing furniture for an unfurnished apartment as will not be bringing any of my stuff (in Australia) with me. Probably a lot of good conditioned and quality secondhand furniture out there i imagine which needs a home. is there any websites or places I should be looking?

Equally happy to look a new furniture so welcome any advice?



There are shops all over Holland called the kringloop  which have an abundance of second hand furniture. They also deliver

@Peter Lorimer thanks for that. Will get it out. Cheers

You can also check out as well (delivery might be harder to come by)