Best place to search for short term rentals?

Hi there, I am helping my son look for a place to stay in Jundiai, Sao Paulo. He is a foreign athlete there for training. I have looked at Air BNB but the prices are pretty crazy. Is there a better site or way that locals use to look for cheap accomodation like an apartment or room?

Thank you!


It can be a lot more complicated because you'll have to negotiate and that means you'll need Portuguese, BUT there are two things that you can look for via Google Maps.

If you search up Jundiaí, São Paulo and then look at "Próximo" (probably "nearby") and search for pensão (translates to boarding house) and also try a search on kitnet  (which translates to kitchenette) you'll find a few places that have web sites you can make contact with.

Best would be if you had any kind of local support in Jundiaí because both the boarding houses and kitchenettes really could be pretty bad.

Those are the two possibilities that first come to mind.

Often you'll find people quite interested in short rental contracts but mostly those connections come via realtors. You could hunt up some "corretores" (realtors) in Jundiaí and check with them for some temporary housing. My wife gets requests all of the time from realtors who represent her

During our June festivities, when the hotels all fill up here in the northeast, it is very common for folks to rent out rooms to entire homes. We also have a lot of "summer homes" along our beaches that can be had for very little money off-season when they mostly sit unused.

I'm unfamiliar with Jundiaí and hoping that perhaps there is a Jundiaí expat available to give you better advice.

Your profile shows that you want to move here. Is Jundiaí the same region you're interested in?


Jundiai, training, i would search for all sport clubs or associations in the region. 

He might be re-directed to alojamentos, or your equivalent to barracks ( spartan as they might be ).

A starting point would be the Secretaria de Esportes in the City.  That's a City Bureau who oversees facilities, amateur sports budgeting and programs.

Here's your kickoff point, get someone who speaks Portuguese to aid you.

Gabinete do Gestor de Esporte e Lazer

Paço Municipal – 5º andar – Ala Norte

Telefone: (11) 4589-8916  / 8615

[email protected]

Unidade Adjunta de Esporte e Lazer

Paço Municipal – 5º andar – Ala Norte

Telefone: (11) 4589-8618

Núcleo de Planejamento, Gestão e Finanças

Paço Municipal – 5º andar – Ala Norte

Telefone: (11) 4589-8916

Divisão de Projetos Esportivos

Paço Municipal – 5º andar – Ala Norte

Telefone: (11) 4589-8543

Then there are flats.... not as abundant as in Sao Paulo, but they are as flex as in terms on what you can find

Edificio The Grapes Flat Service

Av. 9 de Julho, 1869 - Centro, Jundiaí - Sp, Brasil - Centro - Jundiaí

(11) 4583-5200

In Design Office / Residence

Rua Vigario J. J. Rodrigues, 21 - Vila Arens, Jundiaí - SP, 13201-001

(11) 3963-7704

Línea Home Style

Rua Vigario J. J. Rodrigues, 480 - Vila Argos Velha, Jundiaí - SP, 13201-001

Telefone: (11) 4586-0020

Hotels can also be useful.  Here's an Extended Stay popular brand whose flag is owned by Accor.

Aparthotel Adagio Jundiai Shopping

Avenida 9 De Julho 3401, Jundiaí, CEP 13208056, Brasil

(11) 3378-9400 … YnNpdGU%3D