What cities have the best standards of living in Santa Catarina?

I've narrowed down a few choices to:


Jaragua Do Sul




Balneário Camboriú


If anyone knows anyone who lives in any of these cities, has lived in any of these cities or has visited these cities I would really appreciate getting your feedback!

02/09/23 @john8670.  As it happens, we were in Florianópolis for the first time just last week.  My husband was taking a civil service exam there, and since we may move there if he's selected, we stayed a few days to get to know the place a little.

We liked it a lot, more, quite frankly, than I expected.  It's beautiful, clean, has a lot of things to see and do, a lot of very nice beaches and parks.  The island is a lot bigger than I expected, with a lot of conservation land in the mountains.  We'll definitely move there if the offer is right.

@abthree That's awesome I bet your husband gets it! Good timing too it's good to hear from someone that was there recently.

02/10/23 @abthree That's awesome I bet your husband gets it! Good timing too it's good to hear from someone that was there recently.

Thanks -- we're certainly hopeful.  He takes the first part of the bar exam next month and there are some more civil service exams coming up -- many were postponed because of the pandemic, and the hiring freeze before every presidential election -- so he has several strings to his bow.  Private practice or corporate work are also not out of the question.

Balneario Camboriu: it's clean, safe, and extremely walkable.  There's a constant 24x7 cleaning crew it seems in the Av Atlantica and Av Brasil areas.  I barely use our car here because again, it's so walkable. With respect to security there's a significant police presence, and no one seems to have reservations about walking around with mobile phones or jewelry which can be a bad idea in many other places.

There's a lot to do. Restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping, the beach. Around tourist season there's always some free events taking place at the beach. This season there was a summer kick off concert with the band Melim as the headline act, as an example. Its also relatively close to most other major cities in SC (Florianopolis & Blumenau are both about a 90 minute drive).

There is not much of an expat community, but I know a few folks. Some areas are prone to flooding, FYI.  Real estate is expensive as well.

@BRBC Can you get away with not having a car there at all? Are grocery stores, doctors offices, convenient stores, pharmacies, employers all within walking / biking distance? Also do they have a good bus terminal that can take you to São Paulo nearby? Is Ubber and Lyft pretty solid there too?

You don't need a car at all.  For the very occasional 'long' trip, I get an uber (over 1.5km; I'm a wimp).  Having said that, I live in the central beach area.  If you live far north or far south that may change, but seriously I doubt it.  It can almost certainly be a car-free city. 

I walk to the grocery store, restaurants, gym, BJJ gym, beach, and that's basically everywhere I go regularly.  I can also walk to some government offices (I walked to get my license, ironically).

Also, everything delivers.  When I don't feel like going out I get groceries delivered, dog food, restaurant food, water (20L bottles) etc..

The only reason we have a car, is we have another place in a different city in SC.  Getting Ubers there are difficult to come across because the city has a toll when entering which applies to non-residents, so uber drivers get killed with toll fees when entering (Bombinhas).  Otherwise we'd only take busses for longer trips or Uber for shorter trips, or walk for day-today activities.

@BRBC thanks! Looks like a pretty solid location overall. Close to Bombinhas one of the prettiest beaches in Brazil, Blemenue, Jaragua do Sul Pomerode Florinapolis etc

@john8670 You all have convinced me to seriously consider BC. I like a bit more of a rural life but the “city” does have its convenience. I'm hoping on my next Brazil trip l can get to visit. It's going to be a short trip so l will just have to see how it goes.

@BRBC , happy new year! so would you say that for someone wanting to open a chiropractic practic, that Balneário Camboriu  is better over all than centro in florianopolis?

@BRBC How about schools for kids?


Sorry I missed your question. Unfortunately I can't say which city is best.  BC has a population of only 150k people year round.  A quick google search on Floripa shows about 500k, but that was 2020 data.  So based on that Floripa is a larger market.  What you may want to do is compare that to the number of existing chiropractic firms in business in both areas and figure the approximate Chiropractic firms per capita.


Unfortunately I don't have school aged children, so I wouldn't be able to say for certain. I just googled "balneario camboriu escolas" and a lot of results had good google reviews.  That may be a place to start researching.. Sorry I can't be of more help.

@BRBC Do you know the temperature difference and cost difference compared to Florianopolis? Any idea on cost of rent?


The temperature should be almost exactly the same.  Its a 90 minute drive between the cities, so we're not talking about a significant enough difference that average climate would be affected.





BC should be more expensive with respect to real estate then Floripa.  They're both in the top 10 cities with the highest cost per Sq/M in Brazil.  If you want to get an idea of rents, search a site like vivareal or imovelweb. There is something in almost every price range in both cities.  Other cost-of-living items should be similar or relative to other areas of Brazil.  For instance, I have not found food, electricity etc.. to be much more here than it is anywhere else, for the most part.

Some items to add.. Floripa will have a better airport.  The BC airport is NVT and it only has direct flights to Rio and Sao Paulo, so almost every flight will be a connection.  That said I believe they're adding a direct flight to Buenos Aires.

Floripa is much more spread out, and therefore generally less walkable, although that may not be true of all areas, and will depend on your lifestyle....  The traffic in summer is pretty bad.  You definitely would be best off avoiding cars and would be best off with a scooter/motorcycle to drive between/around the cars. BC is definitely more drivable and more walkable.

Floripa has more nature/hiking stuff to do than BC.

Before making any decision, I would really suggest getting an airbnb in both cities for a month, back to back and see what you think.  I think both are great choices for living in SC.