The US Dollar Vs. The Colombian Peso ............. Who's Up? Who's Down?

Steady, with little movement.

The Dollar to Peso exchange rate

stayed within a narrow channel during

the last week of January 2024.

The week closed out on Feb. 1 with charting showing the Dollar

up 26 Pesos for the week, closing at

3939 Pesos to the Dollar.

No big swings.

Yet another week has passed with

no week-over-week changes of significance

in the Dollar-to-Peso valuation.

The first week of February closed with the

Dollar down 18 Pesos from the week before, charting now showing the Dollar

worth 3921 Pesos. If you divide 3921 by 18,

you can see what a tiny change occurred

in a week such as the past several semanas.

Dollar floats above 3900-Peso level.

The U.S. Dollar lost 15 Pesos in value during the

week ending today, February 16, 2024.

The Dollar is down about 50 Pesos in the last

week and a half .. and is valued at 3906 Pesos

as of Friday's close.

Source... USD-COP charting

Dollar edges closer to 4000 Pesos.

The U.S. Dollar gained almost 60 Pesos in value

during this week that ended today, Friday, Feb. 23.

The Dollar closed at 3964 Colombian Pesos,

according to USD-COP charting.

Edging lower.

The U.S. Dollar edged lower over the course

of the week ended on the first day of March 2024.

Versus the Colombian Peso, the Dollar ended the

past week at 3936 Pesos in value.

Dollar now below 3900 Pesos.

The U.S Dollar lost another 55 Pesos in value

during the week ending March 15, dropping

below the 3900 level.

At Friday's close, the value of the Dollar

stood at 3881 Pesos.

Source... USD-COP charting

Reversing a dip.

Last week's dip of the Dollar below 3900 Pesos

may be short-lived as the Dollar reversed the

downward trend and finished the week ending

March 22, 2024, within 7 Pesos of the 3900 mark

at 3893.

The Dollar is now 18 percent below where it was

versus the Peso one year ago.

Source... USD-COP

The dipping Dollar.

The U.S. Dollar resumed its dipping trajectory

during the week ending March 30.

The Dollar ended the week down 28 Pesos

at 3865 Pesos, according to USD-COP charting


A down week so far for the Dollar.

The U.S. Dollar dropped to a level of

3813 Colombian Pesos during the session

ending today, April 3.

Source... USD-COP


Precious metal markets are buzzing as the

prices of gold, silver and metals-based stocks are having

their biggest weekly increases in many moons

this week.

After spending a few days in the mid 3700's,

the U.S. Dollar bounced back almost 100 Pesos

to close on Friday, April 12, at 3858 Pesos.

Source... USD-COP charting