Group Retirement Co-Ordinator – GRS- Remote

Posted 5 months ago
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  1. Remote
  2. Full-time/part-time/ contract/ On T4 or without T4
  3. Benefit and Retirement solution consultant
  4. Billing Co-ordinator
  5. Client Experience Manager - Specialist


• Maintain Escalation report • Withdrawal Process • Collections quotas• Understanding Financial Data • Banking and finance companies • Payment posting• Record preparation • Point of sale system • Mail sorting and correspondence• Statement preparation • Correspondence • Office equipment operation• Customer account management • Invoice generation • Billing reconciliation• Analytical Thinking • Multitasking • Quality Assurance


Remote work Exp 7 years* Home Office equipment room Set up* Pro at Language Translation tools * Advanced skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT,* Experience with SAP, ERP, MS 365, Google Docs, Adobe,* Familiar with client-based Cloud-Based software, Webforms* Sandbox-dynamics365-CRM_Cisco WebEx_Citrix_Sales Force* VMWare, Local Area Networking, Ethernet* WDE-Workspace-Bria-Cloud source-Genesis* WFH – Tech-savvy - Organized* Flexible to work with CST, MST & EST Time zone

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What I am looking for
Permanent contract, Fixed-term contract, Temporary work
Working time
Full time, Part time
Salary range
CAD 70000