Caregiver / nurse assistant

Florisha Escubio
Posted 11 months ago
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Caregiver in care home, live in caregiver or nurse assistant in the hospital. I have 8years experience as caregiver, nurse assistant working in middle east. I handle lots of cases in elderly like alzheimer, dimentia, diabetic type II and type 1, heart problem, chronic lungs problem, hypertensive and many more.I can handle bed ridden, giving bath on the bed, trasffering wheelchair to bed, with lifter or without lifter, i know how to clean and change the dressing of tracheostomy tube, PICC LINE, CENTRAL LINE, FOLEY CATHETER,I have knowledge using device for getting the vital sign, i know how to inject insulin,

I have long patient taking care of elderly, i am flexible at work, i can work in a long hours and work with under pressure, i have knowledge on machine for monitoring vital sign and ventilator machine, i know how to handle a patient that have NGT, tracheostomy tube, PEG, PICC line, central line. I know how to take care of a bed ridden giving bath on the bed or transfering in wheel chair and even using lifter.. i can handle different cases of elder patient.
bachelor of science major in marketing And caregiver diploma.
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