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Your search for accommodation in Rosario can be quite easy. The city has a wide variety of housing options from which you can choose.

Do you intend to settle in Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe? You had better starting looking for accommodation well before your departure. Yet the city offers a wide range of accommodation: apartments, villas, hotels, holiday homes, etc. Choose the one that suits you best depending on the length of your stay in the country, your financial means and family situation.

Note that Rosario has a high concentration of expatriates, namely Spanish, Italian, French, Swiss, among others. It is also considered to be the most important tourist region. Hence the growth of the real estate market.


Cordoba Avenue, located in the city center Rosario is the most active neighborhood. You will mostly find old houses and apartments belonging to the region's wealthy families. In San Martin and Sarmiento Plaza, you will find only a few houses adjacent to green spaces. A little further around the Boulevard Orono and in the west, there are a racetrack, sports fields, as well as some commercial buildings.

Other active neighborhoods are the Pellegrini Avenue which is located in the south of the city, La Tablada, Las Heras, Las Delicias and Las Flores. There you will find modern apartments and villas, as well as hotels.

Find accommodation

There are different ways to find accommodation in the city of Rosario. If you are making a short trip in the city, you could stay a few days in a hotel or a vacation home. Else, you could spend a few days in a hotel-apartment which will probably cost you fifty pesos per night till you find something better. Check real estate websites and classified ads in local newspapers. You can event consult a real estate agency.

You can also rent a furnished apartment in a residential building with an air conditioning system and other facilities. Rent price for a two bedroom apartment usually starts as from 5,000 pesos.

 Good to know:

Apart from rent, you will also pay a tax on water, gas and electricity. You will also be charged for the installation of a telephone line and internet.

Student housing

If you are a student, you could opt for cheaper accommodation, such as a room-sharing or home-stay. Prices are negotiable with the owners.

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