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In Quebec, accommodation price is still quite affordable compared to prices you can find in big European cities. However, these prices can be different according to the area because some neighbourhoods are more popular than others, like the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. In addition to that, rent prices increase little by little every year.

Finding accommodation in Quebec.

If you want to find accommodation in Quebec, you should have a look at the classified ads in free or paid newspapers. You can also use the Internet or walk around the neighbourhoods you are interested in, you may find there ads displayed on doors with the type of accommodation and a phone number.

If you are alone, you could also choose to share a house, it is very common in Quebec. In this case, you will share a house with one or several people.

Types of accommodation in Quebec

There are different types of accommodation in Quebec:

  • The "1 1/2" is a studio.
  • The "2 1/2" is an apartment with a living room and a bedroom.
  • The "3 1/2" is an apartment with a living room, a bedroom and a dining room.
  • The "4 1/2" is an apartment with a living room, a dining room and two bedrooms.
  • The "5 1/2" is an apartment with a living room, a dining room and three rooms, etc.

Some apartments are considered semi-basement, it means that the apartment is in the basement but there are small windows with daylight. The semi-basement apartments are less expensive than regular apartments, but they receive a lot less light.

The lease in Quebec

In Quebec, the lease is generally signed for a period of one year. It starts most of the time on July 1st and ends on June 30th. Obviously, it is possible to find accommodation at any time of the year, but it is better to start looking for one before July 1st to increase your chance. Some accommodation is rented without a time frame and without a written lease. In this case, you must discuss the conditions with the landlord before moving in.

Note that the lease makes you responsible for the rent for the whole period. However, you may be allowed to sublet the apartment or the room after agreeing with the landlord (if the subtenant does not pay the rent, you will be responsible though) or you can transfer the lease to someone else.

Cold water is free of charge in Montreal. Power, gas and heating are not. Some utilities may be included in the rent.

The inventory of fixtures is quite rare among the landlords of Quebec. They generally do not ask for a security deposit either. However, it is very common to repaint the walls before leaving.

In case of a disagreement with the landlord or a doubt regarding the law, you can consult the "Régie du Logement" which will provide you with information and advice about lease contracts.

 Good to know:

If you are a temporary immigrant or if you came to Quebec with a WHV, you can be required to provide a social number (called NAS) for a credit check (although you do not have one!) and be rejected because you do not have a credit check. Note that you are not required to give your social number, it is a confidential number that can only be used by your employer, your bank or tax authorities. If the landlord insists, find another place to stay!

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