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Jeddah is Saudi Arabia’s busiest and most diverse city. If you intend on settling in Jeddah, then equipping yourself with some helpful tips will make it a smoother transition.

Jeddah is often dubbed the “New York” of Saudi Arabia. It is heavily populated, hosting the most diverse expat community in the region. With millions of expats calling Jeddah home, the allure of finding accommodation can get a bit hectic.

Jeddah is a commercial hub; here you can find the largest retail sectors. Many merchants stock their businesses from stock that is produced/sold in Jeddah to be then sold across the country. Jeddah is home to many of the larger distribution centres in Saudi Arabia including PEPSI and UNILEVER.

Due to Jeddah’s long history of diverse expats, the society and economy have come to reflect the different ethnic communities in the area. You will find entire neighbourhoods that are occupied both domestically and commercially by people that originate from the same home country.

Socio-economical factors play a big role in the real estate market, with a huge divide of income amongst both nationals and foreigners. In fact, Jeddah is the only region where you will find the largest spectrum of rental prices in the region.

Types of accommodation in Jeddah

You’ll find in Jeddah:

  • Rental Prices in Jeddah range from cheap to very expensive. The spectrum of rental prices allows for many options.
  • Shared Accommodations (Males Only)
  • Building Apartments
  • Villas for rent
  • Compounds are available, but not as many options are available like in Riyadh

Rent prices in Jeddah

Rental market prices vary and fluctuate with the demand. Location and size are two factors that play a part in pricing. On Average these are expectant prices:

  • Studio – (room with open kitchen, bathroom) 10,000 -15,000 SAR/per year
  • 1-Bedroom (kitchen, bedroom, washroom,) - 17, 000- 20,000 SAR/per year
  • 2-Bedroom (a living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom) – 20,000SAR-24, 000 SAR/month
  • 3-bedroom (a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, washroom) – 24,000-SAR-30, 000 SAR/month

* Expect prices to increase with: increase in the number of rooms and/or age of dwelling.

 Good to know:

The recent exodus of illegal workers and expats over the past year has impacted the Jeddah real estate market drastically. Rental prices have been on a steady decline over the last 12 months.

Search for accommodation in Jeddah

The search for rental units in Jeddah is pretty much standard practice. It is best that you explore certain areas where you would like to be situated, and physically visit the neighbourhood. Vacancies in residential buildings will commonly place signage out front with a phone number to inquire.

It is common practice to search for a dwelling by mere search and find, as all apartments will have either a superintendent or landlord on-site that will happily show you any vacancies they have.

Jeddah has a lot of housing options to choose from, so negotiating on the rental price is advisable. There are competitors everywhere that will meet you at a reasonable price; so don’t settle.

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