Connecting to the internet, using phones and postal services in Oman
Published 2018-09-19 14:51

New expats in Oman will want to ensure they can communicate easily in their new country by setting up internet, telephone, and mobile phone connections. Communications services in Oman are of a high standard, and the internet is very fast. However, due to government restrictions, there are only a handful of providers for most telecommunications services.

Phone and internet

Landline phone and internet services in Oman are predominantly provided by the Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel), which is owned jointly by the government and the public. Omantel has long held a monopoly, on telecommunications, but now other providers are starting to emerge into the market, such as Qatar Telecommunications and Ooredoo, previously known as Nawras.

Both companies can instal phone lines, internet, and cable TV into your property, and offer competitive fares. The government does censor television programs, for both cultural and political reasons, and channels are generally in Arabic, with fewer English language options. Some internet websites are also blocked, for the same reasons.

Internet services are fast and reliable. If you do not have internet at home, wifi access can be found in major cities in internet cafes. Free hotspots can also be found in the country, mainly in larger cities and towns.

Good to know: The country code for dialling Oman is 968.


Postal services in Oman are provided by the Oman Post. Post offices can be found throughout the country, and they are efficient, offering a wide range of services. Oman Post ships internationally, and provides a high quality of service. Generally, post offices are open within business hours, and on Saturday mornings. Check the Oman Post website to find your closest location and their exact opening hours.

Expats should open a post box, as mail is not generally sent directly to private home addresses, although this is being trialled in some areas. A P.O. box at the local post office branch and identification is required. Monthly subscription fees apply, however, there are also fees applicable for home delivery of mail. Instead, you may opt to have mail sent directly to your place of employment, but this must be approved in advance by your employer.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone services in Oman are provided by Oman Mobile (part of Omantel) and Ooredoo. Expats will want to set up a local phone on arrival, so compare both providers to see the plans they offer, and work out which best suits your needs. However, mobile plans and fees are regulated by the government, meaning the differences between companies will be small. As in your home country, expats in Oman are able to sign up with a post-paid contract for a mobile phone plan or can set up a prepaid plan. To sign up for a contract, proof of residency and employment will need to be provided.

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